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  1. Wow! I will have to try and get one in Spring, getting a greenhouse, so will have more room.
  2. Thanks plantfreak, I've not even heard of that one, will definitely look into it.
  3. Hope this helps Suzy. Al
  4. Thanks plantfreak, I just cant stop buying them, I've really got the bug lol
  5. My Dionaea Muscipula Cultivars: B52 Bear Trap Beasty Boy Bohemian Garnet Bristle Tooth Darwin Dracula Fang G4 X G16 G14 (Dirk Venthams Giant) from Wacks Giant Peach Great White Shark Marston Giant Megatraps Pink Venus Red Piranha
  6. Thanks plantfreak, I will look out for that one.
  7. Amazing! Where can I get hold of one?
  8. Thank you mesemb, like you I do like big traps, I will certainly check those you mentioned out.
  9. I've ordered a VFT Akai Ryu from HC Carnivorous Plants online shop. Chuffed. Now what?? Any more suggestions?
  10. Thanks plantfreak. I have B52 so now as you mentioned, I am on the lookout for Akai Ryu.
  11. Hi, I am quite new to cp growing and decided to focus on vft. I am building up a collection. Could you tell me, which vft should definitely be in my collection? Thanks.
  12. Beautiful plants thanks for sharing pics
  13. Thanks Alexis, as if that isn't bad enough, I had a look last night after dark, there were slugs : - (