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  1. Hope this helps Suzy. Al
  2. Thanks plantfreak, I just cant stop buying them, I've really got the bug lol
  3. My Dionaea Muscipula Cultivars: B52 Bear Trap Beasty Boy Bohemian Garnet Bristle Tooth Darwin Dracula Fang G4 X G16 G14 (Dirk Venthams Giant) from Wacks Giant Peach Great White Shark Marston Giant Megatraps Pink Venus Red Piranha
  4. Thanks plantfreak, I will look out for that one.
  5. Amazing! Where can I get hold of one?
  6. Thank you mesemb, like you I do like big traps, I will certainly check those you mentioned out.
  7. I've ordered a VFT Akai Ryu from HC Carnivorous Plants online shop. Chuffed. Now what?? Any more suggestions?
  8. Thanks plantfreak. I have B52 so now as you mentioned, I am on the lookout for Akai Ryu.
  9. Hi, I am quite new to cp growing and decided to focus on vft. I am building up a collection. Could you tell me, which vft should definitely be in my collection? Thanks.
  10. Preston, Lancashire, England
  11. Beautiful plants thanks for sharing pics
  12. Thanks Alexis, as if that isn't bad enough, I had a look last night after dark, there were slugs : - (
  13. Eek! Is it safe to use Bug Clear Ultra on them? Honestly Alexis, both myself and my house mate, had a look and didn't see any, maybe we should both have gone to Specsavers lol
  14. After a careful examination of Sarrs, no aphids were found. So don't know why they are looking like they are, will put it down to the weather.
  15. Thanks Alexis, I will be on to that tomorrow.