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  1. Hello all, I found this Drosera in bad condition in a garden center yesterday evening and decided to give it a chance to recover.

    Could you please identify it for me? What conditions do you recommend for it?

    Many thanks for your help.


  2. Hello all, I have some tuberous drosera seeds (D. rupicola, D. hookeri and D. lowriei) to sow as soon as possible. I will soak them in gibberellic acid before. I was advised to let them in the acid solution for 24h with a dosage between 150 and 250 PPM.

    Do you proceed the same (dosage and duration)? If not, how do you proceed?

    Thank you for your help.


  3. HI everybody here!

    I am Sylvain from France, 53 years old. I have been cultivating plants of all kinds for many years: orchids (mainly terrestrials from Australia and South Africa like Thelymitra and Disa), Aizoaceae (Lithops, Conophytum and others) from Namibia and South Africa, and recently carnivorous plants which brought me to this forum.

    Among CPs, I cultivate the following genera: Dionaea, Sarracenia, some Cephalotus and Darlingtonia, and since this year some Mexican Pinguicula and some Drosera.

    I hope to learn a lot and share here!

    Have a nice evening.

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