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  1. With direct sun + the led seedlings turn to green, so i just need to find the best condition. thanks a lot for your answers
  2. Light is one key but how much light :) i have various % rate of germination and now my concern is more to have green seedlings instead of yellowish one. as they are young (1 week end to 3 months )
  3. a part of my seedling are under 50w horticole led another part are under 25 W horticole led + direct sun between 15h to 17h and high light on the others period. i fear to burn it with the sun i will try a mix of sun + artificial light and see how it will grow. i'm not totally clear about the light requirement of the seedling
  4. hello, l started to grow nepenthes from seeds since June 2019. i have few questions regarding growing nepenthes from seeds 1-> what is the best light to provide I tried led + sun ( not direct ) just led and on this 2 cases. My seedling are always yellow For the soil I used only pure sphagnum, but I’m not sure it is the best to use for growing seedling 3 what is your opinion about my actual seedling collection ? What I can enhance to have more healthy neps ? Seedling Seedling 2 thank a lot guillaume