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  1. Yes, it is on a south front windowsill. Actually, my balcony is open from both south and west sides, so I am moving it there in order to make it get more light, for a couple days. I guess I need to keep moving it to my balcony.
  2. Alexis and Jasper, thank you for your replies. I was also wondering why they are so "long" and you have been diagnosed it without asking. The weather was rainy for two weeks when my plant arrived. However, it has direct sunlight almost for day long now. I hope it is because of the previous rainy days and will be ok.
  3. Thank you linuxman, I will update if I have a bad result for everyone.
  4. Hello everyone, I am a newbie sarracenia owner. I got my first plant 3 weeks ago. When they arrived, those two new growing pitchers in the photo were just sprouts. Comparing with its growing speed, it seems to me like this pot is small for my plant. Should I repot it? Is it a bit late to repot, since it is out of dormancy? Any help would be appreciated.