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  1. Lovely variety. Unfortunately imposible to get these inusual "jewels" here in Spain. Thanks for sharing pics!
  2. Hi everyone. As a Ceph. lover I'm looking for some distinctive cultivars (really interested in Hummer's Giant, Elizabeth, Squad, Bananito, OG Black, Eden Black or Round leaf Big Daddy). I live in Spain, where no one seems to have/sell registered cultivars. I have a nice but non registered Ceph. commercially called 'Cappuccino' that is a really vigorous plant, reaching adult sized tramps in less than a year from leaf cuttings. If anyone here is willing to sell/swap some plants, please let me know. Thanks in advance :) Some pictures. Enjoy :) (The bigger one is Ceph. 'Cappuccino', from a spanish vendor. The smaller ones are leaf cuttings of 9 months old obtained from a single leaf from the former).
  3. Hi all. Just a short post to say hello and introduce myself. Fond of Dionaea, Sarracenia and Cephalotus, I started with my very first CP about 20 years ago (I'm 33 years old, BTW). Of course I missed that first plant. I've been out of this hobby some years but here again. I can only manage some species in my town (Madrid) and happily they're my favourite species. Dionaea and Sarracenia are doing quite well (as they usually do even in an extremely hot climate). Cephalotus are...well, lets see it after a couple of months. Thanks in advance to all that people who are willing to help new growers in the forum.