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  1. Hi David, thank you for your reply. Maxsea is a seaweed based fertiliser. As you say I'll just do it and see what happens, but I was just curious about how other people store it. As to your final point, my enthusiasm to fertilise them is based on my results from using fertiliser. Whilst you are right that they might not need it, I don't think that necessarily means we can't (or shouldn't) provide our plants with a supplementary source of nutrition/trace elements. Personally, I've found that over the past 14 months or so, the plants that receive Maxsea have grown more vigorously than
  2. Just wondering how long people store Maxsea once in solution? I make a couple of litres up at a time (1/8tsp/litre), but I end up slinging any left overs on the garden. I dose some plants twice a month, and others once a month so it would be nice to have some aliquots made up rather than continuing to make fresh every time. Are there potentially any problems if I make up a larger volume and store it at room temperature in the dark? Looking forward to hearing peoples thoughts, U.