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  1. i have used povado on thrips with some success you may well need to repeat applications to keep them under controll there is a pedator that works well but may well not work in low winter temps i am going to use them next year as a preventative early on before thrip numers get high late in summer
  2. It may well be a bad attack of thrips This has been a bad year 4 them . You will need good eyes or a hand lense to see them.
  3. we use bottled gas 47kg is cheeper,bulk cheeper still and mains is the cheepest. 4 the larger bottles get a sack truck then easy to move be sure to put bottles on firm secure base as u dont want bottle falling through side of g/house. it is important to NOT make house air tight as without good O2 supply you will get poor combustion and damage your plants.you can always flue to the out side to remove danger. the rate of gas use is also dependant on wind exposeur asthis will remove heat from the glass and metal frame of the g?house. i find that as the bottle neers empty there is a smell of onions so if you have no c.o.v check your bottle also good idea to have a air ciculating fan cost [email protected] all to run will distribute heat and help reduce fungus probs