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  1. We have just enabled an option for the ordering of VFT seed by the 1000. The seed is from our 2010 harvest and is a mixture of all our cultivars and typical plants . As hoverflies do all the hard work you can look forward to good genetic variation. http://www.littleshopofhorrors.co.uk/produ...s-Fly-Trap-Seed Regards alistair
  2. I use a slow release fertiliser in our compost plus.However I would not use it at this time of year for repotting as i want to be sure that it is used up well before the end of the growing season so no build up takes place during winter,also prevent soft growth later in year.We take Compost Plus of our website from start of June to prevent customers useing it too late.It certainly boosts the growth of vft's but i would not use it on seedlings letting the natural nitrogen in the new peat give the plants a boost. Regards Alistair
  3. The gene pool of the plants that are in cultivation can be affected as many vfts are grown from cultivated seed .We sell over 100k vft seed each year from our own plants and i can see the influence of Big Mouth,Southwest giant etc in many of the VFts we sell as we grow many from seed . The gene pool of plants in cultivation is inportant as we depend on this more than the wild ones for the future of our cultivated VFTs. I expect that in the wild these mutants are occasionaly thrown up but dont survive and may be some environmental change may well suit "sans-dent" enabling it to become the dominant form ( mix of BP oil and volcanic dust)!!
  4. Is a plant like this good for the genetic stock of vfts !!!! Dont want to offend but if i grew a plant like this it would go to the big compost heap in the sky . Regards Alistair Pearce Southwest Carnivorous Plants PS I have been following this mad craze of naming vfts for the past ten years or more and it is getting silly.All it is doing is giving the collector a need to have these mutant substandard plants to make their collections complete. Its like having a zoo and keeping and breeding 3 legged blind eagles and limbless cats just so they can say its something different. Now come on and shoot me down but i feel that it had to be said.
  5. been a few times but cant help thinking that the "First social event" of the year aint as much fun as my local village disco!!! How the rich let their hair down. Though all the exhibitors should be congratulated on their displays. keep up with the good work you brave people and see you at Hampton gala night
  6. We sell Supersphag moss from N.Z Regards Alistair www.littleshopofhorrors.co.uk
  7. Hello Bill Yes we use bottled gas no mains no price drop .Have seen the price almost double in 3 years.The solar is used with care and during sunny spells like today i canrun a hotbox propagator @ 20c but not in depths of winter with short days and 99.9% cloud cover. will power computers, printer alarm,radio,small kettle,small fridge,vent moter, The inverter is the limiting factor and storage of electricity. Recon if yuo want green heating for a glasshouse you need geothermal or solar water heating. Going to run a circulation fan this summer (yes there will be one). Alistair
  8. We have been selling Carnivorous plants on line since 1999 and in that time have pased through 2 different Websites the first of which was the first C.P site in the U.K to sell C.Ps on line. Last night our new site replaced the old with lots of changes .Now you can see the plants close up. We have put supersphag on offer for the next 4 weeks post free I am looking for some growers photos of their Venus flytrap Southwest giant hybrids which we have been selling for the past 3 years. If you have your own photos that you will let us use on the website please send them to us digitally and any we use we will send a suprise cultivar of vft as a prize. Regards Alistair PS we have at long last become a sponser of the forum. www.littleshopofhorrors.co.uk
  9. HI bill This is a list of his equipment # 6 Digital timelapse kits (Nikon DSLR's) for field or studio use with various motion control setups, plant growing lights etc. # Arri HSR2 (8-150fps) and full kit of accessories # Lenses 8mm to 800mm # Full macro kit - focus slides, many lenses, full periscope/straightscope system ( 45,90 degree prisms, probescope, u/w housing), fibre-optic cool lighting # Studio with 3-phase power supply # HMI Lighting kits Alistair
  10. A short outtake of Drosera capensis trapping a midge.Intresting to see how the abdomen of the midge swells up as the digestive enzymes flood into it even before it is dead. Alistair
  11. Considering that the program coverd 2 different cp's arnt you looking at your glass as being half empty rather than half full. Heliamphora dont make such dramatic film footage which was wot the series was about.Out of ,i think 9 different sections of last nights program cp,s took 2 so far out gunning other plants .
  12. It will be going to the U.S as i believe part of the funding came from the States.In Return for this the BBC had to Hold back on the evolution side of things. I find the thought of our t.v diet in the U.K being influenced by creationists in another country sad . Maybe God put C.P's on the earth on day one and realised he hadn't given them anything to eat so devised insects on day two. ps my info came from a source working on the program.
  13. new clip on bbc websitehttp://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p004p9np
  14. David Attenborough looks at the extraordinary ends to which animals and plants go in order to survive. Featuring epic spectacles, amazing TV firsts and examples of new wildlife behaviour. This new series starts on BBC 1 at 21:00 0n the 12th Oct. The series is spread over 10 weekly episodes one of which will contain some amazing CP footage using state of the art time lapse photography . We (Souh West Carnivorous Plants) supplied the plants for the close up photography and the clips we have seen have been fantastic, especially the shot of the sundew sending out waves of enzyme over its prey - amazing footage but we dont know which they have finally used. The VFT used was a giant form raised by ourselves called 'Darwin' Alistair
  15. We have never registered any of our plants cos the world is full of beaurocracy asking us to register dogs,tv's,etc next thing you know we will have to supply our dna for i.d cards. Truth is we can never get around to it as the plants seem not to care and grow just as well not being registered. All our swg vft's are from divisions .That is what matters. Long live disorder
  16. popespliff


    we introduced Mike King to the use of Osmocoate with Psitts and other sarras a few years ago .I think it has transformed his experience of growing them. We use a vft mix with osmocoate for our young plants with dramatic results.Knocks years off seed to maturity. We hope to be selling our Sarracenia and VFT/Drosera mix copost with Osmocoate next year in the Spring. These mixes have been used and tested by us for over 10 years with constant positive results.The only drawbacks are areduction in Colour intensity due to nitrogen greening up the foliage in the first few months after potting and increased moss growth. Will post some photos if i can to show results later this week
  17. We at Southwest Carnivorous Plants aka Little shop of horrors Supplied the plants for this planting this spring. Each year at the Wisley Flower show i have wonderd why the RHS did not have a display out vside as the ones in the glass house made them look too precious. I hope they do well and thus make sarras more popular to the general public as hardy plants for thier gardens.
  18. No it was not Paul Gardener Graham got the original selection of G plants from a chap called Chris Heath who sold plants at Camdon Market. He also got a swg from me and possiblygave it a G number but you will have to get Grham to confirm that.That may well account for the simmularity. Yes swg has the long petiols during the summer months. Asbo will be available in a few years time when i have divided it up into a few doz plants I will not be getting it tissue cultured. The price will obviously be obsceeeeeeen at first . I will try to post a photo of it when i get back from the wisley flower show next week.[ it will be on display there if anyone is visiting].
  19. B&Q . Seriously i know this is a question that the CP world has been asking for a few years. Here goes . I originally obtained the clone at an openday in Cornwall at a chap called Ian Facy. Ican only remember the sellers First name as Paul. This was in the days when a vft was a vft. As far as im aware there was no Adrian Slack Clone or special vft attributed to him. This was the first vft i named . I believe before Graham Sads range of G plants. I still believe Southwest giant was the first vft to be named for its size. Next year i will be releasing a new cutivar Called Great White This is a result of crossing many choise vfts over the past 10 years or so It has the size of swg The teeth of Sharks tooth A and a good dark red inner trap colour.It is less prone to the growing point dieback that swg can suffer from after flowering.
  20. As the person who named Southwest Giant some 10yrs ago i can tell you that it has only been propagated by vegetative methods (by us at Southwest carnivorous Plants) .I expect some people have used its seed and called the offspring SWG. We sell SWG hybrids but these are labelled so as not to confuse. Remember that the plants apperance is based on genetic potential and envionmental conditions inc time of year. Alistair WWW.littleshopofhorrors.co.uk
  21. sorry to here of the death of your vfts We use granit sandin our compost so to be sure of no salts and lime Out of the thousands of vfts we grow we lose less than a hand full due to rot i do let the water in the trays dry up between waterings Some vft cultivars are more prone to loosing there growing point after flowering than others SWG being one of them repot often to avoid your plants diving to the bottom of the pot we use no fungicides for over 4yrs on any of our plants Alistair keeper of the littleshopofhorrors.co.uk
  22. we are constantly cleaning ours spring summer autumn and winter . dead growth on top of green results in less photosynthesis also spread of botrytus into living leaves