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  1. Lets hope the sun is out . lookforward to seeing you.

    alistair & Jenny

  2. Lets hope the sun is out . lookforward to seeing you.

    alistair & Jenny

  3. Big mouth . Its vigerous , chunky , colourful , disease resistant . In my opinion the perfect venus flytrap PS it also has the ability to catch insects etc
  4. Yep its a division from the plant in pic so now you know its potential . Its a much stronger grower than swg and much less prone to bulb rot
  5. Its a Sharks tooth x Southwest giant , did this cross about 6 years ago
  6. Hi Richard We do not send our plants bare root as if the plant has a problem we would not know if it was the fault i our plant or the potting of our customer and as we offer a replacement without any quibling this would /could cause problems. 95% of our customers prefere their plants potted and we have a flat rate for postage so if only one plant is orderd ,yes it is expensive ,order 5 and its alot more cost effective. Anyway hope all your plants do well Alistair
  7. Some people just don't seem to understand that its ok to make some money out of selling plants or the law of supply and demand
  8. It was a quick " that plant looks big ,grab a photo " i didnt have time to look for a tape at the time and never got around to it . Trev I took the photo last year so it cant entre ,also no idea how large it was . Will do a few this year have a tape at standby in the G/H and will try to post some more meaningfull pics. wont entre the comp though as its my job to grow these things.
  9. transplant when big enough to handle Small thumb pot or similar
  10. I helped the publisher of the second edition . athe reason there are photos missing is that many had become lost . I dont think the change of name was a good idea but there may have been some legal reasons.Still it made a form of the book available to more people at a reasonable price . Should have sold my 1st editions before it came out ... some form of insider traiding
  11. Found this snap taken last summer . Not a bad size Alistair
  12. After posting our first 3 "howto" videos and getting some more ideas from Smudge i am intrested to know what others you may find useful. We will do utric propagation in next month or two and maybe one on the different cultivars of vft regards Alistair www.littleshopofhorrors.co.uk
  13. Forgot to put a link to our latest "how to" video on Dionea division and repotting thanks Alistair
  14. Second part of our sarracenia Propagation youtube video . You will find part one in Pitcher plant subforum Hope it helps Alistair Southwest carnivorous plants www.littleshopofhorrors.co.uk
  15. Just Posted a short video on my youtube page on how to pull appart a sarracenia Alistair
  16. Yep Best band ever. Play WYWH to my vft's for max size Sarras like psycadelic breakfast !!
  17. I have used it with no problems Alistair
  18. Hi Fine looking Darwin. Is this the plant raised and named by myself at Southwest Carnivorous Plants. Regards Alistair
  19. Hi Trev We didn't get any rot in any of the 60 plants used.I think it's important to make sure any effects of the fertiliser are over in good time before growth slows in the late Autumn so no lush soft growth,also not to use to early for same reasons but also to avoid catastrophic release of fertilizer if the resin coated pellets freeze and burst. Alistair
  20. Hi Linton the carpet moss is an added bonus for us as it makes the posting of the plants easier as the compost is more likely to stay in the pot .
  21. ran this small experiment last year to see comparisons of 3 vft composts http://www.littleshopofhorrors.co.uk/downloadfile/36 Alistair
  22. This is very sad news. Susan helped me many times at the Gardening Scotland show, even staying on into the evening to help take the display down. My sympathy to her Family and friends. Alistair
  23. Hi Toimeme I think your top photo is showing a plant with Tarsonemid Mite or Red spider mite damage . Take a look with a good hand lense and look for little red specks that will move activly in warm weather