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  1. Here are some Well here are some pics and that will be it from me on the subject. Here are some Well here are some pics and that will be it from me on the subject.
  2. Phil Wilson and tim Bailey have had a trail of composts going since the Spring of this year at our nursery. The results are intresting (and in my opinion clear ). I do not want to publish them on this forum as i feel that it is Phil and Tims Experiment /trial and it should be them that come to conclusions and publish the results so far. Come on chaps, are you still intrested.
  3. You can use the name Southwest Giant as i could never be botherd to register the name :)
  4. I grow a good number of VFT's and i would guess i have around 50 different clones that produce traps to around 45mm -50mm . Untill i produce a plant that produces traps consistantly over 50mm i will not select one for nameing in respect of size. My Southwest Giant and Darwin have won the Largest vft trap competion and along with B52 i dont often see anything larger. Lets face it New name = new sale.
  5. Love the detail ,Wow you even have moss on the greenhouse
  6. To help us communicate with our customers we have at long last joined the facebook community. We are useing the page to help notify people of potential pest and disease problems and other cultural observations when relavent throughout the year. We will also be able to post details of special offers and new plants on our website. We hope to build up a gallery of photos of our customers plants and next year will be holding some competitions , one of which will be the biggest VFT trap award. www.facebook.com/pages/South-West-Carnivorous-Plants
  7. got it from hear. http://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/B001BJ0IUG/ref=ox_ya_os_product You seem to get a lot of tool for your £ nowdays
  8. It's a Southwest Giant x B52 ,About 30 months old i grew from seed.
  9. Got this in the post yesterday for getting measurments ov our VFT traps . People always asking "how big are your B52 traps etc so now i will just send them a pic
  10. A new form of the the green mutant Sarracenia psittacina. http://littleshopofhorrors.co.uk/trumpet-pitchers/sarracenia-species/sarracenia-psittacina-parrot-pitcher?product_id=594
  11. Hello Jacksorry to hear about your plants problems.Your plant has a few compost flies ,these wont kill your plant . put a Drosera Capensis near to catch the adults .Remember that vft's will have older leaves dieing back throuhout the year . Send me some pics and i will try a diagnosisRegards Alistair (littleshopofhorrors)Best to let saucer go dry occasionally then top up to 1 cm This lets some 02 into the compost Also the soil your plant is in will be fine for the net 2 years
  12. I think i'v posted info on the history of easy carnivores sometime ago . We may very well have sold Less pickens a red form VFT but that wouild have been many years ago and probably only one plant not in quantities for him to sell on . Any red form VFT from us is simply a plant from seed or one we can't confidently put a cultivar label in . For years we grew Royal Red and Red Dragon so it may be a X I recon if you have got it from the Bugtraps store it is a good chance it is from Holland ( Carniflora ) as this is where 99.999 % of Easy Carnivores plants came from. Hope this helps Alistair
  13. Thanks Richard It is now the way of the World . recon we should get some classic reviews in mid winter ;)
  14. Southwest Carnivorous Plants have a new web site. This is the 5th new site we have had since we started trading online in 1999 We stopped doing our shows last year as it became more difficult to maintain our internet sales service. We will miss meeting our customers and fellow exhibitors but will have more time to devote to growing plants and providing a first class service to our internet customers. Of course you are welcome to come to the nursery to choose your plants, by appointment only please (see our About Us page for directions). Our new website may look very similar to the last one but it is built using a far more moden shopping cart program. This will allow customers to register their details if they wish and to keep a track of their purchases. We are also introducing a loyalty point system for registered customers so further purchases will get a discount. More details will be provided shortly. After a lot of thought, we have decided to have reviews. This will enable you to both review the product and the service. Of course the plants will reflect the season in which they are bought but I am sure it will help people to choose and will provide some useful feedback for us We have some more Venus Flytrap cultivars listed including a spectacular 'Scarlet Bristle'. We have also put together some Venus Flytrap Collections to enable people to enjoy a greater range of these fascinating plants at a lower price. Alistair and Jenny
  15. use http://www.littleshopofhorrors.co.uk/product/220-35/Compost-PLUS
  16. Funny how things pan out. When i first named this plant around twenty years ago (one of the first named VFT cultivars) i never registerd the description as i just couldnt be botherd . now i find that somehow its been awarded a RHS award of Garden Merit . Dont know how it got entred but it sure wasnt by me ...For the same reasons I just couldnt be botherd, Seems the best way of getting plant fame is to do diddly squit. RHS for the Award but why!!! http://apps.rhs.org.uk/agm/Award3.asp?ID=326682 Got some new giant vfts to come on sale later in the year that will knock SWG back into the swamp.
  17. The guy ( Less Pickens ) used to host our website up to 3 years ago along with his easy carnivores site which we operated for him . We through the grape vine realised he could be, lets say rather tempremental so decided to move to a host we had more confidence in. A little while later we decided to stop the Easy carnivores so to concentrate on littleshopofhorrors and remove confusion. This obviously pissed mr Pickens off as he then kind of cloned our site useing Dutch plants . As far as i know he doesnt growe Cp's I would think that Bird grabber , Ruby royal and the all green thing are not cultivars but simply plants picked out from the carniflora stock I was going to flag his actions up here but feltit would sound like souer grapes so thought give him enough time his true actions would be disscoverd . Give him enough rope he will hang him self !!! He is now no longer selling plants i believe. Alistair
  18. Did anyone ever spot the similarity between Bugtraps and my webshop www.littleshopofhorrors ...a little bit of a copy i think
  19. popespliff


    Its not always a case of genetics as the envirionment plays an equally important part .
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