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  1. I am also curious if anyone has seen benefit from drosera. I used drosera for viral whooping cough a few years ago and found it relaxed throat a bit when at its very worst but did not help to clear lungs - plus if whooping cough is not treated with antibiotic it comes back a few months later and packs a whollop with a cough that won't stop. Can have long term negative impact. So drosera didn't convert me then. Guessing if ailment in your throat like diphtheria like ailments, then probably more useful. But any herbal in this day and age is booster treatment. We must still be socially responsible and if a empirical proven treatment or cure is found, best to go with that. Until we get vaccine for covid19 then any natural remedies I think are fair go because we are all at same disadvantage. I would say from experience that nigella sativa aka black seed is much better for clearing respiratory from nose to throat to lungs - can use it in cooking or on cereals so makes it very versatile and user friendly. I think there are front liners in France and Iran who are using nigella seeds as immune booster. I also found andrographis useful. I am thinking of trialling these with lotus (blue lily) to see if this has more beneficial relaxing qualities than one would get with drosera. Also have started adding withania back into health regimine. Haven't seen much use in horseradish. garlic is a staple so can't say it does any more or less than before the corona. But probably anything ginseng is worth a go, panax, siberian, etc. as well. But if anyone hears of other beneficial complimentary remedies, please post. Thanks.