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  1. Cheers all - I have got over Ben's death and ordered some more Bens, who will be treated far more harshly, outside living, plenty of flies and North-Western weather. :)
  2. Thanks for the advice. Ben went through major surgery this morning and I’m sad to inform you that he was brown and mushy the whole way through. Poor Ben. Should I ever be callous enough to try to replace Ben, how do I ensure I don’t get rhizome rot in the future?
  3. I have had Ben the Sarracenia For about 18 months now. He did great after his first winter in the shed and came out was trimmed and grew a nice big flower, however, this year he isn’t doing so great. I trimmed the brown dead pitchers off in early March and I’ve been waiting for new ones to grow but so far no sign. On closer inspection there is a grey white powdery mildew on one part of the base and lots of little tiny brown/black dots all over the rest of it. He is in full sunlight and has plenty of tasty rainwater. I’m at a loss as to what to do next, please help.