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  1. The first one is louisa. My nepenthss gets direct morning sun till around 11, i let it under the rain. It was only in sphagnum moss when i bought it, but i repotted it into a bigger pot of peat perlite mix without getting rid of the sphagnum moss. the other picture is my ampullaria. Its in peat sand perlite mix, same condition as my louisa but it only grow 3 leaves and wilted as soon the other come out. Whats wrong with it?
  2. I put it under artificial light for a few days after shipping then put them under 2~3hrs morning sun and 70% sunlight the rest of the day. One day i saw its leaves looks like been bitten by some sort of bug. There were two of them togather but one died shortly after. The leaves died first then looks like it rots from the very bottom, and the last one lost its big leaves, but the base looks okay. 1/3of the pot is sphagnum moss, middle layer lavarock mixes with peat, top layer is still lava rock mix with alittle bit of peat. I use tray watering method, and the top is always moist. Ive moved it inside under artificial lights, not gonna risk it again! Please tell me its going to survive (crying face). Am i doing it right? Or is it other causes like fungus or sunburn? But i also grow my other pinguiculas under the 70% sunlight with no problems... please help, thank you!
  3. There are red brownish does on my nepenthes hookeriana, is this somekind of fungus or bug bite? i smeard sulfur on it. Ive also heard of sunburn, but people say that it can adopt to full sun, and ive been placing it under a tree with lots of air circulation and some direct sunlight for months. Another one is ampularia. The dots looks different from the first pic but i also smeard it with sulfur ( my spray bottle got clot with the sulfur powder), i also suspect it might be due to overwatering because the soil feels soo wet, (peat and a little perlite as from the seller) so i add mor perlite and some sand to it.making it around 4:3:1.7 peat perlite sand. Placed sphagnum moss on top as mulch and to easily detect when its time to water. Anyways i put it under a shade with 70% sunlight. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  4. Hello im new here and im from the always summer super hot equator Malaysia, sorry for the bad English. I discovered red spots like ulcers on my drosera as shown in the picture, and it is not producing dew. Second up is my cephalotus, some of it had turned brown. And my venus fly trap had black dots on it's leaves, and i suspect it was caused by fungus. I used rain water, perlite and peat moss as substrate, substrate is always kept moist, and as suggested, put it under full to partial sun, couldn't think of something wrong, unless maybe the full sun in malaysia is too hot compared to other countries, so I've drag them inside a shade. But isn't shaded sunlight not enough for those plants? Please help, opinions? Suggestions?
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