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  1. Hi Frank, I use 1:1 perlite to peat. I personally think the more important things are how to ventilate the bottom of the pot and how to make the soil wet. These actually concludes whether the roots will get enough air all the way down the bottom end of it or not. The healthiest root is a white root. KM
  2. Here is a photo of root from one of my UC Davis Clone. I call it "super root". I planted this cutting last November. The two huge white branches are about three months old.
  3. I asked this question to Brian Lipinski and below is how he answered: OG: Original GangsterHistory: As per item description, I obtained this as a dime sized immature plant from California Carnivores in 2007. I coined the name “OG Black” because of the seed sourced (Allen Lowrie, the “original gangster” of West Australian carnivorous plants). It is the oldest, darkest, and one of the most vigorous clones in my collection.