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    Ancient Rome, Miniature Dachshunds, Writing,, Music...Kate Bush, The National, Mark Ronson, Dusty Springfield, R.E.M., Kirsty MacColl, Morrissey and at the risk of being obvious...growing carniverous plants.

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  1. I have my smaller ones in a fish tank and a large one in a pot growing up the wall / window of our back room.
  2. Goodness! I've never seen a nepenthus flower!
  3. Hi, I am keen to expand my range of nepenthus and was hoping to get some suggestions of the easiest ones to grow by seed (I live on an island where it's rare to find a nepenthus in a garden centre and seeds in the mail are the only real option due to quarantine laws) I already have two varieties one is huge (see below) while the other is rather small and growing really well in a fish tank / terrainium. I have a greenhouse if that suits any particular nepenthus (my two didn't like it at all) Thanks in advance for your suggestions.
  4. Hi, I've had the nepenthus (pictured) for the last 15 years or so but have never been able to work out what kind of nepenthus it is. I tried putting it in the greenhouse last year and it didn't like it one bit - 18 months on (after bringing it back inside the house) its recovered and has finally started forming pitchers again - most exciting! All and any suggestions welcomed.
  5. Hi, Paul here from Australia. i've grown carniverous plants for the last 15 years but nearly two years ago I moved into a place with a greenhouse and my collection of plants has really taken off. i was recently approached by a nursery to supply them with sundews on a regular basis (about to sell my second lot of 50 plants) and I'm at the stage where I'm contemplating going from a hobby grower to maybe becoming a small supplier. I just love carniverous plants and am here to further my knowledge and make friends with like minded folk!