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  1. I see. Thx again for your comment. Will wait for spring to repot to a larger one. For cephalotus, hard to have Live Sphagnum Moss grow together... I can grow Live Sphagnum Moss in stand alone conditions....
  2. Thx for advise. Yes, I grew it indoor as I have no consistent sunlight here. Your pitch looking good and red....
  3. Yes, the plant grew indoor with DIY greenhouse and full spectrum LED. For the past few months, Avg. temperature is about 20°c (in HONGKONG) and lowest is 15°c. I applied humidifier 10 minutes at 9:00am and 9:00pm after Sept. I misunderstood leaf is pre~requisite of pitch. Now, you correct me. Many thx.
  4. Good eye! Yes, it came with two small branches. I separated into two bigger pots. One of them dies after. Another grew into the current one.
  5. 6 months ago as a baby. Photos taken this morning Hi there, Have this plant for 6 months. She grow bigger. (I had one before for 1.5 years but suddenly due to bacteria infected) Wonder why she have only one leaf. Any particular condition I missed for her. Any comment would be greatly appreciated! Cheers David