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  1. Hi All, I collected a vast amount of Capensis seed in the summer that I am looking to germinate now I have a little more space. Google, as always, gives contradictory advice, but do Capensis need a period of stratification like the native UK species, or all good to go ahead and put under lights immediately?
  2. May as well add a picture to show what I mean...
  3. To be honest I have the same question for my VFT's, some of which (not pictured) have not even started to brown!
  4. Hi guys, Once again, looking for a little help......hopefully at some point I may be able to offer advice too! I am about to repot my Sarracenias and am a little confused as to whether to cut all of last years growth off or not? I have been pruning dead pitchers through dormancy but most of the traps seem relatively green and healthy although maybe a little tired. Would it be best to cut all of the traps off when I repot or keep them on? Would leaving traps on inhibit the plant to grow as many new traps as when they wold all be cut back?
  5. Thanks Tropfrog! would you therefore advise using both the red and blue LED’s together?
  6. Hi all, I am hoping somebody could give me a little help understanding LED lighting as I am a complete novice and it all seems very complicated....... I only have a small indoor collection as most of my plants are temperate outdoor species. I currently have around 10 Drosera Capensis plants (having had much success with divisions and leaf cuttings) and one Nepenthes X Ventrata that is relatively new. They are by the window, but definitely the D.Capensis's were not receiving enough light since moving them indoors for the winter period. I have been supplementing them with a LED (white) desk lamp that is not designed for plants but is designed to introduce a natural feeling light to an office space I believe. This did work and my sundews started producing dew again, although still not as much as when they were placed outside. I have recently acquired a small desk LED lamp purposed for indoor growing that has both red and blue LED's (although not white), allowing either or both to be selected/deselected. I guess my question is, what are the differences of blue, red and white LED light (in the knowledge that I have read a fair bit and seem to know nothing more), and what colour light is best suited to Drosera Capensis and Nepenthes X Ventrata? Cheers!IMG_1276.HEIC
  7. Thanks Argo88, I thought it may be some sort of aerial root, but wasn't sure.
  8. Hi all, I'm new to CPUK but I was hoping somebody could help with a question I have on one of my Drosera Capensis. I have recently repotted a group of Capensis, hence why they are a little dew-less at the moment. I noticed that one of them has a small pink growth on the stem, does anybody know what it is, google couldn't help? Cheers, Edmund