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  1. Hi Jeff - unfortunately I don’t know details on the butterwort. But I very much appreciate your help! I’ve been a fanatic gardener for decades, but this is my first year with the predatory plants. They are so fascinating, and I’m really enjoying learning about them! Barb
  2. Thank you very much! I will cut back on the watering right away! Would it be better to put it in a different substrate for the winter?
  3. Here is a picture. Thanks!! :-)
  4. Hi all! I’m hoping someone can help. I just started growing carnivorous plants this summer in an outdoor “bog container”. Everything did really well, and I brought my butterwort inside for the winter. It is in the same peat/sand mix that the outdoor container had. When I brought it indoors, there was a bloom that lasted quite a while, and it put out new leaves. In the last week the edges of some leaves are turning brown and starting to curl. I’m worried that I’m doing something wrong. There is also a new blossom coming up, which is great, but with the leaves browning I’m worried that the plant might be dying and trying to set seed first. I keep the soil moist at all times with distilled or RO water. I have a grow light about 10 inches away. There are plenty of fungus gnats from other plants. The sundew that is next to the butterwort is doing great. Any ideas what I’m doing wrong? Thanks so much! Barb
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