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  1. Drosera burmannii and d. spathulata grow in the same areas as many lowland nepenthes. I’d add bamboo orchids (Arundina) to the suggestion list, they look pretty and often grow together with nepenthes gracilis and nepenthes mirabilis along roadsides in Malaysia.
  2. That’s interesting... I do think that shock due to change of environment is the reason, but my other sundews survive the process very well. If I give cape sundews a try again, I’ll get seeds. :)
  3. Hi everyone, I’m from Malaysia, where the temperature is typically somewhere between around 28°C and 35°C. Over the past few months I started growing sundews on my balcony. I’m totally new to sundews but so far Drosera Capillaris “long arm”, drosera burmanii, and drosera nidiformis have been doing well. Drosera Paradoxa have been doing ok for a while too until it seems to enter dormancy due to lack of sunlight. However, one sundew that I have difficulty keeping alive has been the supposedly indestructible Drosera Capensis. I had multiple instances where a newly arrived plant will die wit