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  1. I have bought cheap spagnum at a garden center that smelled ocean. I have no tds meter, but I supposed that it had sea salt in it so I throw away all of it. Br Magnus
  2. Just get any one you like and some secateurs and scissors. They take a fair amount of prunning so any species can be any size you want. Dont even need to call it bonsai if you dont want.
  3. It is nephentes. I am not sure which one. Br Magnus
  4. Lower the temperature in your apartement. 25 to 28 c is a waste of energy and not good for you. What is your climate like? Is it possible to feed the tank cold air from outside parts of the year? The night temperature is more important to higland plants than daytime temps. And some days in the peak of summer with high temperature is seldom a problem
  5. I accidently left some capensis in the greenhouse during this winter. Found them today looking very sad but has started to pick upp som weak new growth. Lowest temperature in greenhouse has been -8 and there was at least 4 weeks without any temperature above 0. They must have been solid frozen. I dont recomend it as it is way off temperature in their natural habitat.
  6. You do know that this forum is for carnivourus plants?
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    Mobile Phone on Android here. Switching to desktop mode will make the messages visible.
  8. It has been like that on my phone for a long time. Workaround: go to the three dots up to the right on your screen. That is settings for your browser. Switch to desktop mode and you can access your messages. When you are done you can switch back.
  9. I keep only dendrobates leucomelas at the moment. Living in sweden and running aircondition the hottest months so chilling havent been necessary. All my plants that needs somewhat colder temperature year round is in my unheated basement. The plants that need cold but frost free in winter is in a heated owerwintering tent in my greenhouse. I will work on a Youtube vid about my environment control unit and put up before spring. Check out for Green machine sweden.
  10. The achievments right now is a solid software and wiering diagram. If you are not diy type of person I am not sure it will make sense yet. It works good on increase/decreased humidity and increase temperature. Decrease temperature hasent been tested because of lack of chilling eqipment. However, I cannot imagine any problems. There are different threshold values for Day night value. For cost issues and ease of use day/night is determined by photo sensor instead of timer. Any change in photoperiod will automatically change period for night/Day values. Any other function more than decreased temp
  11. Temperature measuring is easy and straight forward. Not at all as humidity measuring.
  12. 10 euro for a complete unit??!! A reliable humidity sensor starts att 20 euro.
  13. Humidity controlling is quite advanced and expensive. I am running a tank on microclimate evo plus. It is an awsome unit with amazing accuracy. However, the product was discontinued due to expensive hardware, ie the humidity sensor. I would pay almost anything for more of this controller. Without this controller awailable, I have been forced to develop my own controller in arduino. Two years into the project now, it is working good, but needs a more expensive humidity sensor. And my engineer that are drawing the capsule is slow. Like he have more important things to do :). I can supp
  14. Sarracenias can be sown now for natural stratification and germination in spring. I have tried both natural and fridge stratification and they work equal for me. However there might be difference between species. Br Magnus
  15. 30 volt Will break the 12v fan. A driver should be rated higher ampere than the devise it is suppliing. In my Country we have a law that sais that you are not allowed to work with electrical work without "necessary knowledge". That means that if you burn down your house you didnt have "neccesary knowledge" and Will be without help from the insurance. Please check local laws and your insurance before connecting anything to the mains.
  16. Same reasons. Rotting off in succulents is normally a Sign of overwatering. But more common in winter. I never water most of my succulents. They are outside in summer and gets rain from time to time. In winter they are in overwintering room in the greenhouse. Min 5 degrees and bone dry. However, havent tried the species in the topic, just many different from the same area. Br Magnus
  17. If succulents rot in winter it is always due to overwatering. I would try cold but frost free and bone dry in the winter. Absolutely no water until it starts growing again in spring. That is how I am overwintering all my south african succulents successfully. Br Magnus
  18. Seed capsule is swelling now. First time I could take a good photo with my old phone. Do anyone know how long they take to ripen? And what to do with the seeds for best germination? Br Magnus
  19. Selling seeds from uk to mainland europe Will be problematic after brexit. Better focus on the uk market. Br Magnus
  20. This is not a vft. I am quite sure it needs dormancy after the first two years from seed.
  21. In northern hemisphere, winter solstice is just 10 Days away, so you better hurry up;) Br Magnus
  22. The ideal substrate is depending on environment and care regime. That beeing said, my little experience is that pings are not very fussy about soil mix as long as it is fairly low in nutrition. I had p mesophytica growing successfully in lfs attached to a branch in my terrarium until the gecko in there decided to rip it out. I dont use soil ph meters and dont Think too many cp growers do. So getting info about soil ph levels will proboably be hard. But lime from your garden center is most likelly pure calciumcarbonate, the exact same form as any lime in the nature. If your species prefere