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  1. Did you find just one? In that case, don't worry, it may just be a snack for your plant.
  2. Mass produced pitcher plants bought from garden centers may be treated with poisonous pesticides.
  3. Fantastic! Gives me hope for my bog plans in Gotenbourg. Br Magnus
  4. Watering at the wrong time of the year will make lithops expand in all directions, that is not elongation. They don't get leggy, they get fat. It can be so severe that it blows up. Flowering is triggered by temperature fluctuations. Location and climate is the key here. Where I am in Western sweden nobody I know have problems getting them to flower.
  5. I have never experienced elongation in lithops. But I asume it is the same cause as when any plant grow elongated, lack of light.
  6. Tropfrog

    Drosera ID

    I think that If it came from Netherlands, no matter species it will not survive winter. And, yes I agree it is rotundifola. Not any species in the Netherlands that can be confused with it as far as I know.
  7. Welcome to the forum. We have one member that live in canary islands that has been selling own made nepenthes hybrids and seeds. Not that active anymore, but you can try PM to user Alipe. Maybe she see your message.
  8. Last week I was out in nature trying to find some local CPs. Made a short video, hope you want to check it out and find inspiration to go out and search yourself.
  9. Without beeing an expert the answer is obvious to me. If it is caused by too wet substrate the solution is to keep it less wet.
  10. I could not post eigther. I think the thread is for members in the british CP society only. I agree with you. This forum is very valuable to me. Lots of searchable good information and my only source for plants. I would be happy to pay a pound per sales add or maybe 10 pounds a year? I think this forum have the potential to draw profit to the society indtead of beeing a cost. Maybe not the aim for the society, but still a shame to close.
  11. Ahh. It looked like plastic to me. Now I see, terrakotta and glass. I fully agree. Not good If you get deep frost at your place. I know everything about it. BR Magnus from Sweden.
  12. Hmm. We don't know what species op wants to keep. For many temperate species frost is not a problem, quite the oposite. Br Magnus
  13. Hello I have been in the CP hobby for just three years. However bern fascinated by these plants for many years. This winter I started my first highland setup. I am happy for all inputs from more experienced growers.
  14. What seeds do you have or planning to get? Carnivours plants are spread all over the world except antarcica. They grow in different climates, environment and soil.
  15. I treat all utricularia except the Orchinoides complex in the same way. 50% peat and 50% perlite. I fill up to approx 2 cm of water in the tray when the level is lower than 5 mm. The pot is full with bladders after 6 months and need to be divided. But I grow in terrarium under only artificial light. I think bigger portion of peat and higher water level would be more appropriate when growing in living room conditions BR Magnus
  16. Anaerobic environment and anaerobic conditions is not the same thing. You can have the environment without the bacteria activity but not the other way around.
  17. Well. If it was important for surviving, we would not be able to grow plants in greenhouse, terrarium or indoors. Fact is still valid: most of us grow plants far bigger and far more healthy than insitu without uv light. If it was absolutelly necessary for the plants, there would not be many greenhouses sold. But in fact, in most temperate regions plants grow better in greenhouses than outdoors. Obviously outdoors in the sun is allways best. However, I and many with me don't have the opportunity to grow many CP species outdoors. My collection would freeze to death in winter. So I keep growing my plants without uv light and just don't tell them that it is important to them. To go back to the initial question. I would recomend polycarbonate greenhouse. In my experience it smoothens out temperature swings. Don't need shade cloth in mid summers. Don't break easily. And is a cheaper alternative. Br Magnus
  18. I purshased seeds from the user in 2020. There were issues with PayPal and adresses. But most of the comunication worked well and fast and we solved all issues.
  19. Coco coir and Coco husk comes from the Coco palm tree which exclusevly grows close to the ocean. Salt is common in cheap products. Soaking and rincing helps alot.
  20. Btw Hector....You did not start this, I did. :)
  21. Hmm, to my basic knowledge metals dissolved in water is in its ion form, not as salt. For exemple ferric cloride is a salt. If dissolved in water it will exist in the water as ions of Iron perchloride and hydrocloric acid. Iron perchcloride is not a salt as far as I understand. I am not here to make an argument for the sake of arguing. I think that I as well have something to learn from such discussion.
  22. Excuse my sloppy approach. I don't have any chemistry education and I am not practiceing tds measuring. I have been in the aquarium hobby and plant growing hobby for 40 years with some level of success without ever measuring TDS. I did measure micro Siemens for a while, but found it pointless. Wheather it is animals or plants, understanding their native environment and observe the progress has allways been a success way for me. If one read somewhat high tds and the plants are fine....Well, the plants are fine so don't worry. If you measure high tds and your plants is not fine, the human mind would instantly draw the conclusion that tds is the reason. While in fact it is not certain and you may waste energy and time on correcting something that don't need correction. Tds is by definition dissolved ions, including salts, minerals and metals. Not all minerals are salts. No metal is a salt. Not every mineral and metals are instantly bad for your plants (to my non educated brain)
  23. Indeed. Its not likelly that you have salt in the water. Cannot think about any reason to start talking about salts at all really.
  24. Hmm. TDS is not salts. If salt concentrations was high the plants would be dead. TDS is everything dissolved in the warer, good just as well as bad. Just make sure that the water you add is good. Water in the tray will increase by time and are no problems If the start water is good. Stop looking at figures on a cheap measuring device and start look at your plants. If they look good there are no issues. That method is more reliable, more joyful and cheaper.
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