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  1. 3 of my vft plants are currently dormant in the fridge. I checked yesterday and the biggest one has a flower stalk an inch long. In worried now that the dormancy didn't work. Is this normal to have a flower stalk growing at 5c?
  2. I have just started some seeds. Fingers crossed
  3. I have been wondering if I can reuse soil for my succulents. Seems to be that as long as I add some cacti and succulent fertiliser to it, should be ok to re use. Also seems to me that I could use my old carnivorous plant mix for succulents if I add fertiliser. Can anyone tell me if I'm correct?
  4. I got 6 pots with baby plants in them. I got vfts, d.anglicas, pingicula vulgaris/lusitanica, etc. What I need to know is, when do I take the cover off them and give them more light? I'm worried I will burn the leaves. I am going to try to get some pics up soon.
  5. I have just repotted all my plants and are watching them flourish in a south window. But soon after I noticed a green tint to the topsoil. And the water for dirty fast in the tray. I change the tray and wash them change the water. Green algea type mold. I have h202, I also have neem. I'm happy using this on my cactus but for my carnivores (as I'm not experienced) I don't know how that will effect the soil over time. I'm worried I may have to repot more often. Is there something I am doing wrong?
  6. I have created a habitat for the d. Schizandra using two Haribo tubs. The idea being that I can keep it cool and humid by a window in this. During the summer I can load some ice cubes into the outer tub to keep it cool.
  7. I plan to repot them all in spring as it's about time :)
  8. I have about 18 succulents varying from Haworthia, euphorbia, crassula, echevaria, ponytail palm, various cactus. I have 11 spider plants. Drosera capensis, drosera capensis alba, drosera schizandra, venus fly trap and pingicular grandiglora.
  9. Ok but if I use things like neem oil will i have to repot my plants sooner?
  10. I tired neem and it's not working. Can I use hydrogen peroxide? I have this provento bug spray aswell. I don't know what's safe to use
  11. My vft has been in the fridge since 15 November. The leaves are still green and have not turned black or died. Is this normal? Am I supposed to cut them back?
  12. Anyone know how to look after a d schizandra. I'm watching mine slowly turn brown and die and it's not good. The info on the net is as always conflicting. Some say keep it standing in water others say it's going to get root rot if I do that. Some say put it in a container to raise humidity. Sun or no sun. I'm very confused.
  13. When my capensis alba arrived in the post it was a sorry state. Dry Browning leaves and no dew. I had to put the soil back in the pot. I put it on the south facing window and kept it standing in water. After 6 weeks it was covered in dew and started throwing up flower stalks. So far 4 flower stalks. Its a good idea never to give up on these plants it seems
  14. I allowed my drosera capensis alba to flower and now I have a lot of seed pods I have absolutely no idea how to get seeds out of. I'm aware that learning from my mistakes here is probably the best way forward. I have a standard drosera capensis about to flower aswell but I'm so worried about my lack of knowledge I may just allow that plant to naturally take it's course just to see how the pods progress and how the seed eventually comes out. Online tutorials have left me none the wiser on this.
  15. Your traps look colourful enough. It's like that picture of a burger in McDonalds. The example is hardly ever a reality. The top two pictures look nice
  16. Thanks. I think they are springtails but it's difficult to see if they are jumping or just running really fast. they are very quick.
  17. A South facing windowsill (or north facing if you live in the southern hemisphere) is great. I've got two drosera capensis and a vft happily living in my one south facing window. I am planning to move my vft into dormancy shortly. I have no experience yet with lights. I am planning to get some lights in the future
  18. Ok I have circled the bug in black which is probably the worst colour I could have chosen. And some general shots of the plant, it's autumn leaves
  19. I was just trimming away some black leaves on my vft. noticed that there are what look like white or shiny bugs moving in and out of the soil. I'm worried now. What are they and how do i get rid of them? It needs to go dormant soon should I just make it dormant early ?
  20. The plan is to put my plants outside in a mini greenhouse. But due to rendering work on the house this plan was put on hold. Should be done very soon. The plant has only been indoor for a few weeks and is next to an open window.
  21. This is my p. Grandiflora, Shelby. It is only September and she seems to be turning a bit yellow. What should I do with the leaves? Is a West facing window ok?
  22. I havnt collected any rainwater yet. I buy distilled water for my plants. They seem to like it. I drink distilled water too, I prefer single malt
  23. Well it's looking more obvious now that its an alba form d. Capensis. I've really taken to it actually. Named it Gladys. Here is what appears to be a flower stalk ?
  24. Well i got this off Amazon and I regret it now. I'm unsure if it's an alba or a standard drosera capensis, as it's got plenty of dew but is white. Having said that there is some colour but in not sure if that's to do with the sun we have been having.