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  1. Hello all, Recently (and luckily) purchased an aristolochioides and it appears to have suffered damage from sudden Winter cold or over-watering. Growth of pitchers has stalled with existing pitchers dying and budding pitchers stopping and curling back inward towards the leaf. Previously new growth appears to have brown/orange spots with brown regions emerging from the stem - see pictures (browning from stem has stopped advancing though). I re potted in clean (not sterile) dead, long fibre sphagnam (live may have been better in retrospect).12 hours of bright sunlight (not direct) and artificial light (3000K @ 3000 lumens) with distilled watering and constant 85%-92% humidity in a terrarium - temperature is at 25 degree with an appropriate drop at night. My key concern is that the dying pitchers and the presence of brown/orange spotting. Should I be giving it palliative care at this stage or euthanise it? Josh Picture 1 - Base of stem Picture 2 - New growth (also has spotting on the reverse side)
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