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    Can you help me ID

    Great! Thank you guys :) Plant is still young, so there is still a margin of error here. Time will tell, but it’s good to know who this little guy is!
  2. ANDKR

    Can you help me ID

    Hey everyone, I’m not much of a drosera guy, I grow mainly nepenthes. Got this little guy as a stowaway and it been growing for a while now. Anyone can help me ID it? Thought it might be capensis but the dew bristles go all the way down to the rosette of the plant. The way the leaves open it’s the typical to capensis either. Either way, I’m just guessing. Anyone have any idea? Thanks in advance!
  3. Hello everybody, I have a Female lowii x tentaculata in bloom. Does anyone have pollen available to make some interesting mix? We can share the seeds 50/50 :)