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  1. This is my "Goldie" in a couple of old pics. I obtained it from Paul Gardner a few years ago; I bought two divisions, one for me and the other for a friend of mine... nobody was looking for it at that time. I think it was probably the first plant to be grown in Italy.
  2. Wow.. gorgeous!!!!!!!! My asplundii never flowered...
  3. In my experience, size doesn't matter (...about pots!). I've had big and healthy plants in little pots, without any difference compared to large ones. In many cases, the same plant becomes bigger (not only taller) in small pots, so I think that definitely is not important.
  4. I want to be on the map...! faunista, I live in Mattie (Torino, Italy), and have my growlist as signature
  5. I started cultivating this species in 2003. After 7 years, finally I have some flowers..! It has been a long wait.
  6. I know that N. pervillei lives on rocks, where little sand and organic matter accumulate, in dry conditions. What kind of soil could I use for this species? I imagine that sphagnum-based mix doesn't work very well.
  7. Wow, now I want to grow Drosera chrysolepis:!! beautiful!
  8. Neither of the two. In winter I have the best conditions for growing highland species. It is not lignification, but a behaviour I've never seen before, on any nepenthes. I'm growing this hamata since 2005.
  9. Thank you, but they're not scale insects.
  10. Hello! My loved N. hamata is doing fine, and put some basal shoots that now are much bigger than mother plant. But a couple of months ago, after beginning the "vining stage" the original stem become darkening a little, the growth rate become very slow and some strange things appeared on the stem. I've never seen anything similar. Could it be mites or some fungal infection? That sort of reddish "scrub" are on the part of the stem exposed to light. The other parts of the plants are perfectly healthy, so I don't think it's a virus. Marco
  11. Very interesting comparison! ... but the most interesting thing is that now you have a few D. ascendens red for me!
  12. No, I had this plants from an Italian grower as a tissue culture plant (produced by himself). Do you know if D. cistiflora is self-pollinating? I think in a few weeks it should flower.
  13. My second attempt, and it works! D. cistiflora likes very much my highland terrarium, unfortunately it doesn't get coloured very much, as other drosera I'm growing together with it.
  14. I think not. It's a few years I'm making some tests with different kind of peat and I see that algae development it's strictly connected with them and quite indifferent to environmental conditions. Some peats become heavily covered with algae and others remain perfectly "clean". All pots with the same peat in different conditions have the same behaviour. These are my empirical experiences...
  15. You have a problem with the peat. Better try another one.
  16. Really nice plants and beautiful lowland terrarium!
  17. Superb! Your greenhouse is a nepenthes heaven!
  18. Tuberous drosera always impress me!! What about your setup? I'd like to start growing some of them!
  19. That's a beautiful plant! Wish I have one...!!