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  1. I see! I was a bit hesitant to grow it on the windowsill due to humidity concerns, but as you pointed out it certainly seems a hardy plant so I'm excited and hope it does well, the extra leaves it's throwing out are very reassuring! I do however wonder how it would cope once we're back to the colder, winter months!
  2. Hi Argo, thanks for your reply! From what you've said, does your method also elevate the plant, or sit the pot directly into the 2/3mm of water? Do you have any pictures of your set-up? Many thanks
  3. Hi all I'm growing a nepenthes X ventrata on my windowsill, I've got it elevated so that it isn't sitting directly in water; and I've been spraying the soil with RO water regularly to keep it sodden. I can see it throwing out new leaves, but wondered if this method is better than using a long tom pot sitting in water? Or if just the same really?
  4. Hi all Hope everyone is keeping safe and well in the current climate. I've recently been quite taken with nepenthes, and I'd like to set up a terrarium to house maybe 3-4 "easy" plants, that can give them enough space and proper care. Right now I have an X ventrata, which I've got in a container covered with cling film and a strong plant LED, but I'd like to explore options for a bigger set up. Where did everyone start off with their set ups? Can anyone give some helpful advice to a real newbie? So far I've been looking at exo terra terrariums, but noticed they have mesh lids, so I'd have to get a glass one made, then lighting and whatnot. I'd figured with sticking to a nice display of easier plants, since I feel clueless just now. I've got my copy of The Savage Garden, but I haven't had a chance to delve into it so perhaps it'll also help along. I seen this image from a fellow member on the forum and it's very inspirational, not sure if I'd be able to replicate this so easily, but that's my ideal! Thanks!
  5. Hi guys Can anyone please tell me what type of moss the below is? I'd really like to cultivate more of it, it's super
  6. Thanks guys, much appreciated, I've moved some of the plants to the windowsill as my Pinguicula is really developing fast and taking up space in the tank!
  7. Hi all, I've got some drosera, butterworts, utricularia and pitcher, and wanted to ask which is better for them to thrive; my windowsill, or grow tank with 7500k plant lighting. I realise the pitcher will do better on the windowsill as they require a dormancy, something I'm hoping the natural seasons will take care of, but for the others I'm not sure whether my window receives enough direct sunlight. Right now the plants are beginning to flower etc in their tank, which is maybe daft of me to now consider changing their parameters. I've attached pics of the two options below:
  8. Hi all, I recently picked up bladderwort and sundews from my local Dobbies Garden Centre, housing them below in a glass tank, with a 7k led designed for aquatic plants. I've got about an inch of RO water, with the plants in individual tubs, with morning mistings. Is this a suitable set up for these plants? I'm wondering whether the lack of humidity will affect them, or if there is something different I can do to help them. I'm keeping a close eye for insects being caught, with bloodworm available in case not. If this is a suitable set up, id like to add some more species that will do well, without the need for dormancy, and low relative humidity. Open to suggestions! Many thanks
  9. Hi all, Thanks for letting me join the forum! Looking forward to learning more on here and translating that to my plant care! Currently I'm keeping a sarracenia purpurea, a couple of drosera, and a bladderwort! Best wishes Colin