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  1. Many thanks. In the past I've always cut phylodia right down In February/March time to allow light to rhizomes. I'm just curious whether leaving them on (as some ppl do) and letting them die naturally has any affect on increasing pitcher size further. Just curious really. This is my plant in summer. Might just experiment and leave them on.
  2. Do you cut them off In spring or just leave them on.
  3. Hi all, I've been interested in maybe acquiring a king henry variety but no where on line seems to sell in UK. Any ideas?
  4. Since I sprayed these little worm looking things have come out. Any idea what these are? 20210610_170018.mp4
  5. I couldnt see any pests. But I asked sarracenia northwest also and they think it could be pests. I've given it a spray so fingers crossed it looks better next year. Thank you for your help
  6. Thanks. I'll take a look tomorrow to see I can find anything. I might give it a spray of provado ultimate bug killer just in case
  7. No, I dont use sand. Just peat and perlite.
  8. Thanks. I suspect it could be the soil but there is one rhizome in the pot that is doing good so it's a mystery
  9. Hi everyone. Does anyone know what could be causing one of my sarracenia pots to be putting on poor bendy growth right now. The two pots in the picture are exactly the same flava type that I devided in January 2020. They are watered from the same water source and recieved the same amount of light.it didnt do great last year either.
  10. DCallan

    Dried Spagnum

    Thank you for your help
  11. DCallan

    Dried Spagnum

    Does anyone know a good place where I can buy dried spagum moss. I bought some from my local garden centre to be used as a top dressing but in watering my plant it caused the ppm to go over 200. I'd still like to try again with spagnum as a top dressing.
  12. Yes, it clearly had something in it. Thanks for your reply
  13. Hi all, A couple of weeks ago I decided to buy some New Zealand spagnum moss as a top dressing for my sarracenia purpurea. It looked great. However I did a random water test today in its tray and the reading was around 200ppm. I have since removed the moss and watered the top of the pot about 5 times so now the reading is around 60ish ppm. I tested my water source and that was well below 50ppm and other sarracenia water trays where fine too so i knew it was the spagnum causing the high number. Question is have I missed something as I thought spagnum moss was fine to use hence why I got it?
  14. googling what you said it looks like you are right. Thank you for your help mate.
  15. Hi all, Can anyone Identify this nepenthes please. I thought it was a miranda hybrid but Im not sure. Thanks Dan
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