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  1. I cut off all the dead pitches and even the winter leaves in spring. It allows the sun to get deeper to the rhizome. Your plant will produce better pitchers if you cut it in spring time.
  2. It completely normal for them to do that. :)
  3. linuxman is correct. Do you know the name of the species or hybrid? Sarracenia need full sun to look their best. They have unusual shaped leaves which is not very effiecient at getting sunlight so hence they need full sun (6+hours) to produce good looking pitchers.
  4. Hi everyone. I'm new here, I was wondering has anyone used Bord a Mona peat premium irish moss peat and is it safe to use on cps? It says there is no fertilizer, its from high quality Irish sphagnum moss peat and free from additives.
  5. Hi I was wondering how this worked for you? We're there any problems in the end?