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  1. Many pygmy Drosera can be grown on a windowsill, as long as it gets sufficient sun. They aren’t generally fussy about humidity, accept for when they’re growing from gemmae for a few weeks. I’d recommend D. scorpioides, pygmaea, gibsonii, leucoblasta, micrantha all as easy species, but many others are also easy to grow.
  2. None of them took. Since then I’ve been using LFS for all of my Nepenthes cuttings, much better success.
  3. Hi all, I have seed of Drosera rotundifolia var corsica. I know normally this species requires cold stratification to germinate, does this ssp. too, as it hails from a warmer Mediterranean climate?
  4. Great post Damien. Drosera Pygmaea is also found here in NZ, and in Eastern Australia. To anyone interested in growing these wonderful species, I’d recommend Allan Lowrie’s “Magnum Opus vol 2”.
  5. Yes, you can prune Nepenthes back, they’ll probably put out nasal shoots and get bushier. Sterilise your scissors first.
  6. The iNaturalist site is useful for requests such as yours
  7. Thanks for this Damien, very useful as I’m just delving into the Pet Complex - I have D. Broomensis seeds inbound. Any tips for germination? And another thing, what kind of a temp drop do you give them at night? Thanks
  8. Beautiful Krzysio! I saw earlier you stated you germinate your seeds (highland and lowland) in the lowland tank. How long after germination do you move the highlanders into the highland tank?
  9. Thanks for that. I started them before you replied, putting both on a mix of 2:1:1 peat:sand:pumice. They are covered and at the bottom of the fridge, which my wife is not impressed about. What would you recommend as a better substrate for P. Longifolia next time?
  10. Hi all, I have seed arriving for P. Grandiflora “French Alps” and P. Longifolia ssp. Longifolia “Odessa, France”. three questions: 1. do they need stratification? 2. What media would be best? 3. what conditions should I germinate them in? this is my first experience with pings. Thanks
  11. Hi all, I’ve got some seeds coming for this plant. There isn’t a load of info online, but there appears to be conflicting information over whether this species is terrestrial or an epiphyte? Also, anyone else who has successfully grown this species from seed, could you please advise what method gave you success? thanks
  12. Nepenthesman, have you observed any Drosera species living near lowland Nepenthes?
  13. Thanks, will have to see if I can find some. Keep the suggestions coming!
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