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  1. Hi all, I have seed arriving for P. Grandiflora “French Alps” and P. Longifolia ssp. Longifolia “Odessa, France”. three questions: 1. do they need stratification? 2. What media would be best? 3. what conditions should I germinate them in? this is my first experience with pings. Thanks
  2. Hi all, I’ve got some seeds coming for this plant. There isn’t a load of info online, but there appears to be conflicting information over whether this species is terrestrial or an epiphyte? Also, anyone else who has successfully grown this species from seed, could you please advise what method gave you success? thanks
  3. Nepenthesman, have you observed any Drosera species living near lowland Nepenthes?
  4. Thanks, will have to see if I can find some. Keep the suggestions coming!
  5. Hi all, I’m in the process of building a lowland Nepenthes greenhouse, to grow some of my favourites (ampullaria, bicalcarata and albomarginata amongst others). It’ll be shaded, as most of the lowland neps don’t appreciate full sun. Having said that, I could only shade part of it. My question is, what other CP’s (or plants in general) will go well in here? I’m thinking maybe some tropical sundews, but that’s all that come to mind?
  6. Is there any benefit in cutting back the brown parts when it comes to its new growth phase in spring?
  7. Hi all, I bought my first Sarracenia this past weekend, Sarracenia x Excellens. It’s in a small seedling pot, is now a good time to re-pot it (it’s winter here in NZ), and what media should I stick it in? It appears to be in a sphagnum/perlite mix. You’ll also note the dead growth on it, should I cut this back or just leave as is? Cheers
  8. Sorted my cuttings out. Read a few articles and watched a few vids on propagating Nepenthes. Cut into three parts with three nodes each. Cut the leaves back, and covered the first node of each in rainwater. I’ve put two under glass and one out, will see which do better.
  9. Tanqueray

    Nepenthes ID

    Hi all, went to my local botanical gardens today to see what CP’s they had. Turns out just this solitary nepenthes, which I was fortunate enough to be able to take a cutting of. I’m very much a novice, but am picking that this might be N. Ventricosa?
  10. Wow what a breathtaking collection, I’m equal parts jealous and inspired. on the first page, I notice your hanging pots are very tall, and just filled with sphagnum? Why is this?
  11. Thanks for the welcomes. DennisB, have sent you my email address.
  12. Hi all,I’m a new CP collector from Hamilton, New Zealand. We don’t seem to have any forums, societies or groups here dedicated to CP’s, so this is the closest thing I have!I have two so far, what I believe to be Nepenthes x Indah, and Sarracenia x Exellens. It seems pretty hard to come across CP’s here, no shops seem to sell any other than VFT’s during spring/summer.If there are any kiwis here I’d love to buy/share in your collections, and please treat my beginner noob questions with patience!Here is my Nepenthes x Indah (or so the seller told me). My Sarracenia looks half dead at the moment as it’s winter here, so no photos of it.