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  1. @ian first thing I did was buy that book! Literally the Bible for cultivation. I may make a big garden in a pot at some point. Some sarras would look great on the decking. How do you find growing outdoors? Do you keep them in trays and do you get alot of pests?
  2. @Guy I'm really interested in all the sarracenias and drosera. Will definitely be buying all the plants that grow in the UK and keeping them in a big garden or such. The greenhouse is completely ambient. But I will have a fan to circulate air. Especially as it hit 40c today! Really appreciate your feedback about the water. May get an ibc to store water in winter for the summer. And will get an ro unit in an emergency. What are some of your favourite sundews?
  3. @dennisB will have a word with work see if I can get it off. Would be lovely to see a large collection. Loved Kew gardens display.
  4. @Keith I'm going to get some staging for the greenhouse and some 1m gravel trays to hold the sarras in there. Thanks for the info about the water. In this current weather I would need ac in the greenhouse!
  5. My name is Dan and im new around here. Ive delved into carnivorous plants before, but always had issues inevitably. Im currently working on a temperate greenhouse to start my collection in. (Unluckily my tap water is 499 ppm. So thats a no go.) As soon as water collection is solved. Im hoping to start a small collection of plants. Should i start with bog standard (excuse the pun) varieties of each type of sarracenia and create my own hybrids or just start by buying crosses which have attractive traits and crossing them. If there are any notable plants that you want to recommend, im all ears. A