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  1. Really nice plants there! :) Some that I would like to collect, happy growing!
  2. Thank you! I am very happy with the plants, lots of fun :)
  3. Very nice plants! I am by no means an expert but I have grown sarracenia and VFTs, as well as sundews on a windowsill successfully for years prior to getting a greenhouse. I hear they grow better when they can get a winter dormancy period though, although mine never did on the windowsill and can't say I ever had problems. If you ever manage to get a greenhouse, that is ideal for them :)
  4. I have aways loved carnivorous plants but it is only recently that I learned a lot more about all the individual species and hybrids. After talking with a friend who is mad on carnivorous plants and doing some research, I became really interested in the plant Schnell's Ghost, something about it just really captured my imagination and I knew it was one I really wanted to collect. I purchased one online, it is the first "pure" sarracenia I got, the rest I had were hybrids at that time (and some of those are really pretty plants too). However I have read that Schnell's Ghost is a clone and that some plants are leucophylla with very little anthrocyanin and yellow flowers. I won't honestly mind what this plant is because it is one of my favourites regardless. I read that Schnell's Ghost is not particularly vigorous however since I got the plant it has been cloned into three separate plants that are all doing very well, as well as a small one that is starting to form pitchers. Either way I really enjoy this plant and hope you like the photos. Here is the plant when I got it a year ago: And here it is now, the mother plant is the biggest plant in my collection:
  5. That's good, I was thinking of making a bog garden outside at some point :)
  6. Thank you :) I am really happy with what I call the "greenhouse bog garden" so far.
  7. Hi folks, I have been growing carnivorous plants since I was about ten (I am now 28). I am by no means an expert but always loved these plants. I am a big fan of leucophylla but I enjoy pretty much all carnivorous plants. I have until recently grown plants on windowsills but have recently been given a greenhouse by my grandfather so I am looking to expand my collection. Here's some photos of what I have so far: