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  1. Ok thank you I will get there as early as I can!
  2. Hi just a question, I am down in Dartmoor and it's a four hour drive, is getting there around 12 to 1pm OK? Thanks!
  3. Hi all, if you are interested, here is a video of my plants
  4. Thank you! Though I am beginning to run out of space in the greenhouse
  5. Hi all, I have some updates on my collection, I have got some more plants since I last posted so I thought I would share some of them I have also created my own filing system. SL12 Paradise Bay, FL (L16 MK) (this is from carniplantes74 aka Greg on the forum and it is a beautiful and healthy plant) SL23 Green/White Milton N. Florida And here are some that have been posted before but have some really nice autumn pitchers so far SL05 Purple and White Giant: RT71, Nr. Althea, N Florida SL03 Helmut’s Delight SL01 Schnell’s Ghost: Bruce Bednar Clone, yellow flower, Perdido AL (since my last Schnell's Ghost post, I have verified this is the Bednar plant)
  6. Thank you Rob, that makes sense. Ok, thank you for the list, that is a phenomenal list of plants! I can't wait to go, and the listings make much more sense now. Thanks Greg, I have had a look and that is quite something! I will spend some time going through the website. It is very helpful in determining the different numbers, thank you!
  7. Hi Rob, Thanks so much for explaining this, it is really helpful. I am planning to see Mike King's collection for the first time in October I was searching rare plants by the collection number, and sometimes getting conflicting results- that will explain why. Many thanks!
  8. Hi all, I am wondering if there is a guide anywhere as to how location data works for Sarracenia? For an example of one I have seen and don't fully understand: SL05 S. leucophylla -- green & white citronelle ( L1-MK ) I am guessing SL05 is Sarracenia Leucophylla number 5, then the name of the plant. What I don't understand fully is L1? I think MK is Mike King. If anyone could help I would very much appreciate it
  9. Hi all, When growing sarracenia from seed, is it best to put the seeds on top of the soil, or to sprinkle some soil over them? Jonathan
  10. Thank you! I think you're right- I have edited it now. Thanks! It is a really stunning plant.
  11. I have some really nice new plants and did a rearrangement in the greenhouse to maximise space and tidy it up Sarracenia Leucophylla Ctenium Fields, Perdido, Alabama This is a Purpurea from Lidl, a surprisingly nice plant I was so happy to see this shoot earlier today, since I stuck what was effectively a piece of leaf with no root and very little rhizome into the ground on this Schnell's Ghost :) Can't kill what's already dead I suppose?
  12. Hi Colin welcome to the forum! :) I do like purpureas, that was the first carnivorous plant I ever owned. Best of luck with your collection!
  13. My wife and I had a great time today meeting dennisB, and seeing his impressive collection of plants. We even got to take some home, as seen below: S. Purpurea cleared from a bog near Wareham in Dorset S. Flava "Cutthroat", not the tallest trap I have (though close) though definitely the biggest in width. S. Leucophylla from "The Bog", Washington County, Alabama S. Flava var. Rubricorpora Thanks to Dennis for a great experience seeing and learning about these plants!