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  1. So I have one measuring the RH @40% inside the GH, another inside reading 48% with the outside RH measuring @40% Perhaps a humidity reader which sets off the misting system aimed at the GH floor if it drops below a certain %...
  2. Hi all, After a little advise. The relative humidity in my greenhouse is constantly dropping below 30% given the current hot weather. All my Sarrs are stood in 1-2 inches of water. I find myself damping down the greenhouse floor to help bring this up a little. I was looking at a misting system to help automate this process on the hotter days! My question is, would you set it up to spray the Canopy’s of the plants ( with rain water) or set it to just wet the floor and therefore fed by normal tap water? Regards Neil
  3. Hi All, I've read the odd comment here and there about this, so thought I would give it a go! Both rhizomes had a good number of roots, but no grow points. I tried the two different ways I've read about. First one, S. Flava: Rhizome potted 1 inch below soil level. First signs of growth appeared 4 weeks ago (Apologies for the bad picture): And now: Second one, S. Excellens: Potted with a little Rhizome exposed as you normally would:
  4. Hi Ada, It is new compost. I’ve taken them out the bags. Thanks for the advise
  5. Seeds have been in a baggy under lights for a few weeks now. Just noticed a little Mold forming around the root. I put on a little SB invigorator yesterday. Is it best to leave them out of a baggy now? Could anyone offer a little advise? Thanks Neil
  6. Thank you both. Very interesting
  7. I didn't know that. Often I've read about cutting the bud off so the plant doesn't waste energy, especially after re-potting/dividing in producing a flower
  8. You've allowed a Sarr to flower to either ; harvest the pollen, or to create a X. Two scenarios: The flower has dropped all its pollen, or a few months down the line the Sarr was unsuccessfully pollinated. At this point is there any benefit, or not even to cut the flower Off?
  9. Hi, My S.Rubra ssp.gulfensis heterophylla flower has just opened, and upon inspection I find it has developed x2 Pistils within the same bud! Has anyone else come across this before? Both have dropped pollen, although given how bunched up it all is in there I reckon there's a high risk of "self" pollination. So my question is; do I just leave it, try and X it anyway, or chop it off!?
  10. Hi Dave, Could I ask what you use to measure the Lux? I've tried messing the lux using an app on my phone, but that only reads/shows 1000! Cheers Neil
  11. Could I ask how you've found/gotten on with the MarsHydro SP 250? Presuming as it's a white light you used a LUX meter when adjusting the Watts/Lums ?
  12. Thank you both for the reply. Reassuring too know they can tolerate such high temps (briefly) Currently using x4 tomato grow bag trays, so plants all stood in about 1 to 2 niches of water all the time. I will look to upgrade these with some deeper ones, as to hold a little more water.
  13. Hi, Greenhouse is 8ft by 6ft. Temperatures are hitting upwards of 28C. It has two roof vents (Auto open), one side window oppersite end of the door, which I also open. So confident there's enough air circulation! I've tried a 24 and 45 watt fan to push the air around a little. Spraying the floor, but struggle to bring the temp down at all! A few pitchers look as if they're getting heat stroke! Time for a little shade cloth in the afternoon? Or are these temps ok for the sarrs? Trying to think how I might control the temps moving into Summer months. If anyone could help .. Regards Neil
  14. Hi everyone, I know there's different strengths/release rate etc! The type I've brought is the; 6 month, 16-5-17. Has anyone used this particular type when growing Sarracina seeds... Or do I need to send this bag back and then get ..... Thanks in advanced Neil