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  1. That Veitchii is beautiful!! Looking forward to see the N.Veitchii x bical when it's larger! I can see some space in the background of that photo, maybe another greenhouse project? ;) Keep up the excellent work!
  2. Very awesome, thank you for the share! Love the frills on the rafflesiana var. alata, Coloration is beautiful! The peristome on the veitchii x edwardsiana is amazing! Still has a lot of growth to go. How long have you had the veitchii x edwardsiana from the video?
  3. Those two Bicals are huge! Thank you for the share and Vid. Hope you get a great yield of Seeds!
  4. Morning Guillaume_p! Hope those seedlings are coming along well! I've only tried once, but this was when I very first started attempting to grow. I'm still terrible, but getting there. I saw this post reciently by Gareth, might be helpful? He did a few tests - His experience might help out, have a look and see if there is anything you can try? Hope it helps! :)
  5. Love it, very unusual! Has the Alien mucus around the peristome :) I had on one of my Neps last month a weird undeveloped pitcher - was on a N.Maxima Wavy Leaf, thought it was pretty interesting, just has the lid. Other pitchers are normal, so most likely a change (Bad one) in my terrarium, will have to keep an eye on the next pitcher :)
  6. Hey Sarri, I'm no expert but I think you're right. Here is a great site to check up on any species and see other peoples photos for it: Can search for any from here:
  7. I had this when I was trying to grow outside in a very small greenhouse. I changed the lighting, tried LED, CFL, a whole range and the pitches still remained very small. I introduced a Humidifier, and noticed the pitches started to develop and form much faster but still many didn't fully develop, but I could not maintain my humidity without keeping the Greenhouse completely sealed. For me it was a catch 22 as I then had temps inside the greenhouse higher than 35 degrees midday and even with a huge industrial fan, i could not keep my temps at around 20 - 25 Degrees, so I had to try another plan
  8. An awe inspiring collection Krzysio!! Lovely plants and work in your thread! I'm hypnotized by your Robcantleyi x Hamata on page 10, I think it has to be the best cross I’ve seen yet, love the pinkish/red color, and that dark peristome! #Drool! Where was this one acquired from may I ask, or is this one of your own crosses, or seed grown? I'm very new to Neps, a noob one would say , but this weekend will be setting up a terrarium (4-Foot) for Highland Neps (First try!) and cannot wait!
  9. Beautiful! Toothy and that lovely hairy lid! I will eventually get one of those, I must sort out my Lighting/Humidity first in my make -make shift tiny walk-in greenhouse! Once I have the conditions just right, will make the plunge and never go back :) Happy growing!