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  1. Morning Guillaume_p! Hope those seedlings are coming along well! I've only tried once, but this was when I very first started attempting to grow. I'm still terrible, but getting there. I saw this post reciently by Gareth, might be helpful? He did a few tests - His experience might help out, have a look and see if there is anything you can try? Hope it helps! :)
  2. Love it, very unusual! Has the Alien mucus around the peristome :) I had on one of my Neps last month a weird undeveloped pitcher - was on a N.Maxima Wavy Leaf, thought it was pretty interesting, just has the lid. Other pitchers are normal, so most likely a change (Bad one) in my terrarium, will have to keep an eye on the next pitcher :)
  3. Hey Sarri, I'm no expert but I think you're right. Here is a great site to check up on any species and see other peoples photos for it: Can search for any from here:
  4. I had this when I was trying to grow outside in a very small greenhouse. I changed the lighting, tried LED, CFL, a whole range and the pitches still remained very small. I introduced a Humidifier, and noticed the pitches started to develop and form much faster but still many didn't fully develop, but I could not maintain my humidity without keeping the Greenhouse completely sealed. For me it was a catch 22 as I then had temps inside the greenhouse higher than 35 degrees midday and even with a huge industrial fan, i could not keep my temps at around 20 - 25 Degrees, so I had to try another plan. Recently changed to a 4-foot terrarium (Standard 4 foot fish tank), and got the humidity much higher with just a standard ultrasonic humidifier, and the pitchers have exploded in growth.Same lighting was used, but for me, my humidity was too low, and temperatures were too high for my plants. You can check, depending on your plants here as to what temps you need from this past post:
  5. An awe inspiring collection Krzysio!! Lovely plants and work in your thread! I'm hypnotized by your Robcantleyi x Hamata on page 10, I think it has to be the best cross I’ve seen yet, love the pinkish/red color, and that dark peristome! #Drool! Where was this one acquired from may I ask, or is this one of your own crosses, or seed grown? I'm very new to Neps, a noob one would say , but this weekend will be setting up a terrarium (4-Foot) for Highland Neps (First try!) and cannot wait!
  6. Beautiful! Toothy and that lovely hairy lid! I will eventually get one of those, I must sort out my Lighting/Humidity first in my make -make shift tiny walk-in greenhouse! Once I have the conditions just right, will make the plunge and never go back :) Happy growing!