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  1. Working in a medically associated profession I have a water distiller for transforming tap water into a usable form for an autoclave by removing all mineral content. Long term its cheaper than buying the 5Ltr containers of purified water. I would still use the water butt out of preference but during dry spells you can produce enough to keep a bog pot going comfortably, about four litres on a cycle. I got mine on the internet for about £50. (For some reason my wife sniggers when I talk about butt water and if I talk about making water its no better.) I hope this helps and good luck.
  2. Hello All, I have just started up this year and have created bog troughs by sealing up the holes in alpine troughs with silicone bathroom sealant. Things seem to be going well so far but I wonder if these troughs will be deep enough for future growth, about 15cm. Particularly as I have gone big with plants (Sarracinia x moori, Oreophyilla and Okee Giant in one planter). Looking at my post now I also wonder if they are planted too close to each other? All experienced advice welcome. .
  3. Hi fellow CP fans. Like, I suspect most of you, I had venus fly traps and sundews on the window sill as a kid. Now 50 years later I havn't grown up but do have my own garden so time to go for it big time!