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  1. Update: David replied some minutes ago ... it seems he has some problems over there and can't be in his greenhouse... so I will give him some time before I take further steps ...
  2. Hello world, anyone having an issue with carniavoria.eu at the moment? I placed an order of some carnivorous plants on March 10. David replied the same day and told me that one of the plants isn't available atm. Then I asked him if he could send me another plant instead. He accepted and sent me the total sum of my order on March 11 which I payed the same day via paypal and sent him a screenshot of my payment. Last thing I heard from David was "Hello, thank you, david" on March 11. Until today no consignment was delivered. Since March I sent him an email twice (March 20 and April 12) when I can expect the delivery of the carnivorous plants but I got no reply. Before placing my order I read some rather mixed reviews on the internet concering the long time it takes until David replies to emails or dispatches but the diversity of his offer is unique and the prices are very decent. So obviously it would be absolutely ok for me to wait some time for my carnivorous plants however I don't like the uncertainty of if and when the plants are shipped and being ignored. I can fully understand that David has lots of work to do managing his greenhouse and shipping plants, but just ignoring emails seems not to be the perfect way of doing good business. On top David's shop appears to be offline ("technikal break") for some days now... Does anyone know if David is still alive and I just should give him some more time and sit back and relax? I really want those plants but if David is not trustworthy anymore i would consider to claim back the money from paypal... @carnivoria