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  1. Hi guys heres my little venus fly trap, Had it for around 2 years now and repotted it once and it seems to turned into 2 plants now would this be cuz I let the flower grow once? I wanted to ask is it getting to big now for this pot and should I repot it yet? Being in Devon UK in the winter I tend to put it under lights to give it 10 hours of light though not sure if thats to much light. the lights getting longer now so thinking of putting it in a sunny window sill like i did last year as you see the plant colours better then under light. if you think I should repot it into a bigger pot whats the best soil to use i bought some VFT soil from ebay last time and seems to be ok with it. should I let it flower again once to see if it gets bigger again? sorry alot of questions but I do love my VFT and want to look after it best I can and sorry cant seem to get the photos in the correct order
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