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  1. Unfortunately, I still don't have any results. I moved the pots into more light. I'll just keep checking, hoping and keeping fingers crossed. It's been a couple of months now though! Trish
  2. Hi Ada I have them in the same place but I will double check that they get good light. Thanks for the response. Trish
  3. Hi all How long does it take for darlingtonia seeds to germinate? I bought some seeds together with some sarracenia seeds, and sowed them all at the same time. I put them all in the fridge for 6 weeks and then into the greenhouse. I have some sarracenia seedlings about 2mm high but nothing from the darlingtonia. Any help/advice appreciated. Trish
  4. I have just purchased a nep bokorensis seedling from Hampshire Carnivorous Plants. Should I repot the plant? Thanks for your help. Red
  5. Hi everyone Thank you all for the welcome to the forum. I am still navigating my way around all the posts and reading as much as I can. All the photos I've come across are also very interesting. But I will certainly ask questions in time. Red
  6. Hi Steve Thanks for that. I have been reading lots of posts and am already getting lots of advice that way, but I will most certainly ask if I have questions. Red
  7. Hi Richard

    I am new to the forum and have not had much success growing cps but am willing to learn. Love nepenthes and would like to have a go at growing from seed. Please let me know how I can get some seed from you to get me started.


  8. Hi all. I have been attempting to grow carnivorous plants for a couple of years now. I haven't had much luck with them unfortunately, as they seem to last a few months and then gradually give up the ghost, which is heart breaking. Hopefully I will be able to pick brains on this forum to enable me to keep my plants healthier. I have a couple of nepenthes and a sarracenia at the moment. The nepenthes are not so bad although the pitchers on alata are dying off. The other one is an unknown which I rescued from a shop. I think it was a seedling, albeit a sad little thing. It's growing quite well and is just starting to develope some pitchers. It will be interesting to see if it survives. Be grateful for all future advice