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  1. My typical flytraps (Dionaea muscipula) grow in same pot together in the same location, yet some traps are deep red, larger and they lie close to the ground. Other traps on another typical vft are lime green (no red whatsoever) and grow to various sizes and vertically straight up into the air. What could explain these stark differences considering same pot, same typical Dionaea muscipula species and same location and water?
  2. I'm so grateful for everyone's expert opinion and to Argo*88 for posting his impressive comparable plants too, which was really helpful in ID'ing my (previously unknown) plant as Drosera spatulata---in accordance to the general expert consensus on the forum. Going forward, I'll care for it as a subtropical, in keeping with the species. I truly appreciate everyone's help. Again, thank you so much! --crich
  3. Hi Alexis, It gets 6-8 hours of sun per day, sitting fully exposed on a large stone open patio. It's definitely not starved for sunlight.
  4. Thanks so much Andy for your sharing your knowledgeable insights. I am grateful for your expertise in being able at least to identify the various species that make up this wacky hybrid. I wish I had such a talent as yours.
  5. I call it Medusa for the flailing thin pitcher wings that twist and turn uncontrolled.The actual pitch trap and hood are so small in comparison to the long skinny wing of the body. I'd be grateful for your help please with identification. Much appreciated!
  6. Hi folks, Anyone know which specific species of Drosera is this? I thought it was Drosera aliciae, but this plant has "white" flowers with yellow filaments. So the flowers tell me it's not D.aliciae.