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  1. Hi Picol Thanks for the Italian welcome my friend
  2. Hi Ian.. Thanx for the welcome mate :-) Well and truly bitten by the Cacti bug I'm afraid... Need to be my windowsill as I don't have a garden to build a coldframe never mind a greenhouse lol... Anyway I'm quite happy thats all that matters innit.
  3. Wow thanks for that dan.. I was told on another forum that was a SPINOSISSIMA in the second pic, Thanks for the repotting advice too i might just do that.
  4. I need some ID on these, I only know the first one is MAMMILARIA ELONGATA I think :-/ Much appreciated guy's.
  5. Hey guy's I.m from Paisley in Scotland and I'm new to the hobby (though I've like cacti's & succulents for years) I have 7 on my Kitchen windowsill all doing fine, I'll post pix in the ID section as I need some help in identifying them, Thanks B-)