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  1. andros88

    Flasks of Pings

    Just sent an email to the owner of Hopefully he'll have some fresh seeds available. Otherwise I'll have to go through the whole shebang of phytosanitary certificates, import permits & quarantine inspections etc. Unfortunately unless its grown in sterile media (agar) it simply won't be allowed in the country as pings are deemed "medium risk".
  2. andros88

    Flasks of Pings

    Many thanks for your help RobH!
  3. andros88

    Flasks of Pings

    There only seems to be one type of pinguicula flask for sale in czplants - anyone have any luck else where?
  4. Hi everyone, Where I live (Australia) pings are very hard to come by as hardly anyone grows or sells them. Does anyone have any seeds they can sell to me or can refer me to a website that sells fresh ping seeds? Thanks in advance!