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  1. Dariasdouble212

    Drosera binata weak point

    Now that you both mention the light I noticed the new stems coming up are leaning towards the light. My current set up is below (it's terrible, I know), but I moved all my carnies closer to the light. Thank you!
  2. Dariasdouble212

    Drosera binata weak point

    I recently bought this little guy from a carnivorous plant show. Two stalks were on their way out with a new stalk coming up. The stalk opened and caught a lot of little flies! But after a day or so a weak spot on the neck caused the top to bend over. I thought maybe I damaged it when watering the plants behind it. Three more stalks started to come up, but before the oldest stalk even got a chance to open up it formed a weak spot in the same place as the other one. What's going on here? I've been using rain water, and I haven't repotted them. Thanks!