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  1. N-A

    Some considerations about p. gigantea

    Yes,maintain carnivorous leaves in winter rosette too! It is also characterised also leaves do not grow larger like other clone.
  2. N-A

    Some considerations about p. gigantea

    The grew P.gigantea from seed......Thank you for interesting report! I have two clone P.gigantea, a clone that has been cultivated for long time in Japan(glands on one side, pictures 1・2) and a clone from Christian Klein(glands on both side, pictures 3・4). They had initially Yellowish green leaves. But when the feitilizer containing more nitrogen was given they, they leaves turned green. They may like feitilizer.
  3. Is this a hybrid?? Does this look like a hybrid? I do not understand.....
  4. Pinguicula leptoceras This was selected from import seeds. Strong in the heat. It is easy to cultivate.
  5. N-A

    Japanese Pinguicula!

    It is very beautiful flower! Muramatsu-machi merged with Gosen city in 2006. There is a famous habitat in Japan.
  6. N-A

    About P.laueana CP clones

    Hello. I have heard that p.laueana 'CP2' and 'CP3' are P.moranensis. Is it true?
  7. N-A

    Japanese Pinguicula!

    Pinguicula macroceras Hayade River 400m, Gosen, Nigata, Japan Japanese name:ムシトリスミレ, 虫取り菫 Typically, Pinguicula of Japan is glowing at higher elevations.But this population is resistant to heat and easy to cultivate because it habitat is lowland. Can I use correct English? I'll absolutely wrong.....( ・᷄ ︵・᷅ )
  8. N-A

    Soon bloom!!!!

    I'm really looking forward to it! Pinguicula jackii