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  1. JoeLo

    Sundew with no dew

    Thank you! Keep hearing humidity is key and thinking that is the answer. House is extremely dry and have it under a grow light so maybe drying it out a bit
  2. JoeLo

    Sundew with no dew

    Thank you! In April once the snow is gone I plan to take it back outside. I wasn’t sure if sundews had a dormant period or anything where they stopped producing dew or if they rested in the winter.
  3. JoeLo

    Sundew with no dew

    Unfortunately in winter it gets down to 15-20 degrees Fahrenheit so outside is not doable in a snowy climate. Nice in summer but prob couldn’t survive now.
  4. JoeLo

    Sundew with no dew

    Do not think it is a light issue. It’s actually right under a grow light in the pic. Usually when capes don’t have sufficient light you get the red/ black effect. Mine is bright green with small growth. Was wondering if the no dew was due to low humidity. My house is extremely dry. I brought the sundew indoors when the cold weather hit. Which is when I noticed the dew disappearing.
  5. JoeLo

    Sundew with no dew

    Yes thanks. Here’s a current picture. Hoping humidity helps it out.
  6. Hi, im currently growing a sundew. Had it since June and was flourishing and healthy. Moved indoors in November and dew faded and now completely dry. Hasn’t ate since moved indoors either but still green. I have it next to a humidifier and under a grow light because keep hearing no dew is lack of humidity. Is there a way to get my sundew healthy again? I water it the same, twice a day and have it under the grow light for 8-10 hours a day. Any recommendations for something else? Should I put it in under a cover? Thanks in advance all! Joey
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