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  1. This plant in the wild does grow in very wet conditions but my conditions are fine as I grow it in Malaysia. This could be caused by my sprinkler being on sometimes. Thank you for your help it still looks the exact same. It also did have a scale attack.
  2. Its from 12-18 Celsius normally or you can just look at Genting Highlands forecast which is measured under the peak. But most often 14-15 Celcius.
  3. This is the Bau location not Kalimantan one. tips on Northiana: It grows in a airy peat soil with limestone underneath so it’s neutral in Ph. only grew next to limestone. grow on dry/moist side. it hit 35 Celsius easily humidity is 75% during day and 90% at night.
  4. No it is from grower 15mins away who got it from a Sumatran grower.
  5. I have had this Hemsleyana for 6 months now and suddenly out of nowhere this happens. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. It looks like Truncata to me as the leaves don’t look like nebularum.
  7. Triffid seeds are buy and re sell of eBay which are wild collected. But wild collected seeds don’t put any impact on certain species as they produce an absolute insane amount of seeds such as ampullaria.
  8. This happens to me in very low humidity.
  9. About to order from Malesiana So much stuff for a good price.