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  1. Rhys Ki

    Dormancy in Seedlings?

    I have some seedlings that are only just shy of 5 months old. Growth was huge and fast at first (some with 9-14 traps per plant!) However, since it's become a bit colder outside near my window some of the traps have begun to die back, though, despite the fact that my heating sources have not altered. Trap replacement is also either taking weeks or not happening at all... SO I ask my fellow CP enthusiasts: Is it possible for even seedlings this young to "try" to go into dormancy by themselves, or is that only something I can assist them into doing once they're older?
  2. Hi all! I've been searching for a while now and I cannot seem to find a resource or knowledge about this with the terms I've used... How long does each trap on a dionaea live naturally before dying off and being replaced at the juvenile stage of the plant? Or even for adult plants? (although I'm growing from seed and they are just shy of 5 months old, but have recently begun to lose some traps and leaves on some of the plants with very slow to no replacement yet.) How long does it take for new traps to begin to emerge? Is there a guide specifically detailed for the stages of life, stages of traps & appearance, and behavioral aspects from seedling to youth stage? I deeply appreciate the input- thank you!
  3. Rhys Ki

    New, but enthusiastic!

    Hello everyone! Thanks so very much to the creator of the forum and for everyone who contributes! I look forward to being a part of this community and helping where I can. Although I am a beginner when it comes to raising carnivorous plants, I have put in quite a bit of time, research, handwork, and dedication to the effort. Right now I am focusing on Venus Fly Traps... you can see my starting "nursery" setup in the photos (sorry for the blurriness.) There are about 14 plants with multiple traps on them - which I've raised from seed - and they are about 4 months old now. Their little traps are sooo cute, and I can't wait until they grow larger! I hope to also expand and sometime soon begin growing sarracenia and/or drosera. One of my dreams, as well, is to have a small greenhouse and grow the amazing cephalotus! Looking forward to sharing this passion for CP's with you all, Rhys Ki