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  1. Okay thanks a lot for all your help and reassurance. I will repot them in the spring in a peat/perlite mix and hopefully that'll give them a bit of a boost for next year's growing. I think I was a bit obsessed over other people's growth I have seen over the first year where they can get much larger plants but they obviously know exactly how to get that sort of growth in the first year by force. Cheers, Scott
  2. Thanks Karsty. Yes they are Flava, surprising isn't it. Bought two different cultivars in seeds from triffid nurseries. I just thought they'd be a bit larger from a year of growth. I think I will have to do the same as you linuxman and just let them fight the winter in the place they are now. I just hope it doesn't wipe them all out
  3. Around this time last year, I sowed the seeds of various flava varieties in a seedling pot and left it over the winter. In the spring the plants germinated as expected however they were always rather slow. A year on now, the pitchers are still only maybe an inch tall on all the varieties so there must have been various things they didn't like so much for the larger growth I have seen on other images over a year. I want them to survive the winter as best as possible however am unsure how to keep them alive. I currently have them in my unheated conservatory to keep the frost off them and I have