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  1. HI, is it possible to post the photos here so we don't need to use the rotten facebook. I would greatly appreciate that. Regards Rogier
  2. Hi Jure, Well, I can deliver that. Do you have plants to swap or will you buy it from me? I'm looking for Darlingtona, D. madagascariensis or P Colimensis. We will then see what is a fair swap. Or per shoot 3 euros plus 1, 5 euro for packing (You'll see it'll be worth it) and postage costs, which will of course depend on where you live The shoots will be about 5 cm so that'll be two, but I can see if 10 cm will fit in the package. And always with several leaves and I'll see if it has bladders. They develop quite fast by the way, those bladders. Regards
  3. Hi, is anyone interested in shoots of my Utricularia Vulgaris. It has dined so happily on water fleas that it is now overgrowing my pond. Please let me know Regards
  4. Rogier vdg


    The ants are here to rescue the spider or are they?
  5. Hi, you're welcome. I can imagine it was fun. Well, as far as I'm concerned please keep sharing your fun. Thanks. Best regards Rogier
  6. Great film!! Such magnificent plants! Makes me want to get them myself. Unfortunately my windowsill is full, but still when I get enough space I'd get one and probably feed to death just to see it catapulting its food. Thanks Rogier
  7. That's funny. I do the same. Perhaps you can make a nice place in your shed for the Woodlouse. On of the most ideal bugs to feed to CP's. Harmless, easy to catch and multiply fast enough and they attract big spiders and other hunters, which can also be caught for an occasional big dinner. Just a thought. Then again going out is good for everyone.
  8. Hi, you're welcome. My kitchen window sill is not an all day sunny sill (the houses on the othersie of the road block much sun), but I think it gets a bit more than 3 hours. The plants do just fine. I guess yours will also do fine in summer. As I gather it (I am not a scientist, but do read wikipedia) your lamps will provide about half of the lumen the bright sun does where you live: so a cloudy day in a south facing window sill or a sunny late afternoon in the west. (okay, I'm cutting corners here a bit) And feed them some Gibberellic acid now and again. That sounds lik
  9. Hi MTech, I have bought most of my plants at the garden centre. So a number of plants you have I have too (or think I have). I know a bit about the Pinguicula Tina. (the first to survie and flourish ) Officially they are not able to withstand cold tempetures or frost, but some of mine have survived some frost (-1 or -2). Yes they become stocky and small, but they do survive. The best care is a south facing window sill at 20 plus degrees. Normally mine are in the kitchen, so perhaps a bit more damp than other rooms. Too much direct sunlight will kill them much faster than a bit
  10. Chimaera, I worry like you. I have a 100 liters rain barrol and it ran half empty last week due to me having to fill up my garden bog, which dries out much quicker than I thought it would. A summer like last year would be killing at this time. I am planning to buy another rain barrol just to prevent running out of rain water. They said in Holland that the dry season already started, but we were lucky to have much rain these last days, but it's not always this abundant. I filled up water bottels as well and stored them in my garden shed. All in all it really is a laborous and pricy affair
  11. Those leggy s. psittacina are still leggy, but never the less grow into real plants
  12. Those leggy s. psittacina are still leggy, but never the less grow into real plants