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  1. It's a bit stronger now that winter is over.
  2. Recently one of my nepenthes leaves went yellow with a black center and killed of the leaf. This was unusual as the plant has been doing well and the leaf was somewhat new. I shrugged it off but noticed it's happening again to other leafs. I'm not sure what's happening or if it's fatal. Should I be worried? It's growing on my West windowsill 85F at day and 65F to 70F at night with humidity at 25% in the day and 60% to 70% at night. Any advice would be appreciated.
  3. And yes they were hard and werent moving and I also sprayed water and didn't come of and when I got them of the pitcher would start browning at the place the spot was
  4. Here is one it's small but there were bigger ones but I scraped them off.
  5. Recently I have Been noticing little black spots on my Sarracenia bug bat a week after I got it. The plant is in great condition showing no deformities or illness and these black spots look like they aren't hurting the plant. They also just come of if you scrape them of with my finger. They also have spread to my Sarracenia Judith Hindel and it's driving me crazy i don't know if it's a parasite or If it's natural if you can please reply if you know what it is