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  1. cantseethis

    Brown Patches on Pitcher Problem a mold fix for sooty
  2. cantseethis

    Brown Patches on Pitcher Problem

    =( i was looking at them myself on my desktop posting from laptop it looks to be a mold/fungus sooty mold would be closest i am not sure if bakeing soda water + oil will work but it dose for black spot on roses
  3. cantseethis

    Brown Patches on Pitcher Problem

    Hello It looks to be sun burn too much direct sunlight to me. Have you try'd a diffusing sheet? would cut the amount of light they are able to get and allow you to put a fan at one end on the realy bad days and even putting the tray raised up a little to allow air flow below stopping the stone floor heating it from below. I wouldn't worry about it my young divisions are doing the same in the north west UK they keep growing back as long as you see a new pitcher the plant is happy pic was taken 5 mins befor posting of my young divisions well neglected