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  1. Hello everybody, I'm new on the forum, i started PC 10 years ago, but I was forced to stop because of my little apartment for my studies. Now I have more time and more place, so I decided to start again. I bought a terrarium for intermediate/higland, with a fogger and neons. Actualy I have nepenthes (ventricosa, glabrata, luisa, sanguinea, gymnamophora, hookeriana, albomarginata red and lowii), Heliamphora Heterodoxa X Nutans and some little plants (codariocalyx motorius from seeds), cephalotus and some cutting of N.Ventrata and N.Bloody mary. My culture condition is 18-20°C night, 25-28°C day (for summer) and 90% humidity. I'm looking for some Carnivorus Friends to share my passion, trades and buy new species ! I love Ventricosa and his variants (alba...), also hybrids X sibuyanensis, X Talangensis, X spectabilis ! Best regards to everybody !